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  • Hilton uses Oculus VR to train for broken coffee makers, other 'frustrating' guest issues

    Some organizations see VR as an effective tool for empathy training, particularly for situations that may be difficult to recreate in real life.

    By March 17, 2020
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    How to implement and leverage adaptive learning in L&D

    Gain a clearer understanding of adaptive learning through real-world examples and see how adaptive learning is being successfully leveraged today.

    By Matthew Brown, VP of Brand and Learning Success, Schoox • March 12, 2020
  • Kronos Incorporated corporate headquarters in Lowell, MA
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    Customers or not, employers will see 'ripple effects' from Kronos, Ultimate Software merger

    One big takeaway: companies should never think of their digital transformation as "complete," an analyst told HR Dive.

    By March 11, 2020
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    5 tech tools powering remote work amid coronavirus outbreak

    As workers are told to work from home, have businesses equipped them with the necessary tools? 

    By Roberto Torres • March 9, 2020
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    Insights for L&D: The top 10 technical skills of 2020

    With large-scale technology disruption, organizations will need to respond in a transformational way. This means L&D teams will need to prioritize upskilling employees with the most cutting-edge skills.

    By Kelly Schwarze, Senior Technical Content Writer, Udemy for Business • March 9, 2020
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    Kronos, Ultimate Software announce merger

    The move unites two HR software giants to create a $22 billion company.

    By Aman Kidwai • Feb. 20, 2020
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    Intelligent automation can deliver 200% ROI — and may not decrease headcount

    As the employee experience remains a top priority for HR, automation will require greater investment in talent, studies have said.

    By Valerie Bolden-Barrett • Feb. 20, 2020
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    Evolving L&D: Before artificial intelligence, master adaptive learning

    What do we mean by adaptive learning and how can we apply its principles to master AI and changing technology?

    By Matthew Brown, VP of Brand and Learning Success, Schoox • Feb. 11, 2020
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    The skills of tomorrow need to be taught today. Are you ready?

    With large-scale technology disruption, L&D teams need to rethink how their organizations approach workforce skills and talent management.

    By Jennifer Juo, Content Marketing Team Lead at Udemy for Business • Jan. 29, 2020
  • Fighting warehouse worker fatigue with wearables

    Wearables have emerged as a solution to monitor fatigue as it's happening, and to predict when it will happen in the future.

    By Jen A. Miller • Jan. 22, 2020
  • Deep Dive

    10 trends that will shape HR in 2020

    The evolution of technology, employment law and the way work gets done will shape the new year, according to experts who spoke to HR Dive.

    By , Jan. 13, 2020
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    Microsoft to replace talent apps with LinkedIn products

    System integrations aim to make talent acquisition more efficient and allow HR greater access to big data for analyses.

    By Valerie Bolden-Barrett • Dec. 11, 2019
  • Van drivers use Ford VR training to steer clear of cyclists

    Employers operating in industries that involve vehicle use may not be aware of how eager their workers are to use VR.

    By Dec. 10, 2019
  • As execs embrace as-a-Service models, can IT survive?

    Employers in various industries are responding to automation and outsourcing with upskilling initiatives.

    By Valerie Bolden-Barrett • Dec. 5, 2019
  • IBM-backed project seeks to set standard for blockchain work credentials

    The HR community has shown some interest in the technology, but experts have said a "dominant player" will be needed to spur adoption.

    By Nov. 19, 2019
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    Survey: Most HR managers aren't taking employee data security seriously

    As the workplace becomes increasingly disparate thanks to remote work, HR may have to pay closer attention to data protection.

    By Valerie Bolden-Barrett • Nov. 18, 2019
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    5 digital transformation questions you should ask

    It is everyone’s responsibility to play a part in the digital transformation journey. Make it a successful one.

    Nov. 5, 2019
  • Talent will be key to business' AI strategies

    Those with successful AI strategies take a combined approach, both importing talent and upskilling current employees.

    By Lisa Burden • Oct. 21, 2019
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    The missing link between jobs and people? Better data

    Data innovation isn’t about science — it’s about people, writes Jason Tyszko, vice president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

    By Jason Tyszko • Oct. 10, 2019
  • Workplace by Facebook, targeting the enterprise, declares 3M paid customers

    The company also announced a slew of video applications and access solutions for front-line employees.

    By Samantha Schwartz • Oct. 9, 2019
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    Practical advice and tips on building successful teams in the digital workplace

    It is everyone’s responsibility to play a part in the digital transformation journey. Make it a successful one.

    Oct. 7, 2019
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    Siloed tech strategies may lead to lost revenue, growth

    Successful tech adopters recognize the role of flexibility and well-trained, engaged employees, an Accenture report said.

    By Valerie Bolden-Barrett • Oct. 3, 2019
  • Mobile devices are failing workers, causing stress

    Employers that ignore tech problems may hinder employee performance and risk losing workers to a competitor.

    By Valerie Bolden-Barrett • Oct. 3, 2019
  • Employees report poor experience with workplace devices

    How an organization handles the digital transformation can depend on several factors, including employees' own experiences with digital tools.

    By Valerie Bolden-Barrett • Oct. 2, 2019
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    Measuring the impact of a connected learning & performance strategy

    To more effectively measure employee performance and impact company goals its time for HR & L&D teams to connect.

    By Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success, Schoox • Oct. 1, 2019