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  • Tips to reel in Gen Z, from a LinkedIn recruiter

    Many entry-level jobs ask for years of experience unrealistic for an entry-level candidate, according to LinkedIn recruiter Madison Vitug.

    By May 19, 2022
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    5 time management strategies for HR professionals

    Surrender the goal of ever achieving "work-life balance," said LaShawn Davis, founder of The HR Plug.

    By May 18, 2022
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    The HR Dive Outlook on 2022

    The year will demand employers focus on equity, total rewards and flexibility, and HR pros are the ones for the job.

    By HR Dive staff
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    Birthday party panic: On managing anxiety in the workplace

    In a story that went viral, an employer recently learned an expensive lesson after allegedly ignoring a worker's anxiety disorder.

    By May 16, 2022
  • Wayfair CPO shifts to CFO, chief administrative officer role

    HR pros, who often have strong leadership skills and high emotional intelligence, can be model candidates for C-suite roles, according to one executive search firm.

    By May 16, 2022
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    How to prepare for automated hiring tool bias laws

    The use of AI to sift through resumes or assess performance could expose organizations to notification and audit requirements, starting in New York City. 

    By Robert Freedman • May 13, 2022
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    Blizzard Entertainment aims for systemic change with first VP of culture

    The embattled studio hired Jessica Martinez to create a more "diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture."

    By May 12, 2022
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    Notification fatigue is tanking productivity, report says

    Asana's Anatomy of Work report touched on email concerns, notification fatigue and other worries surrounding "work about work."

    By May 9, 2022
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    Envoy, Illustrator: Jake Gavino

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    Envoy's new At Work survey reveals how to get hybrid employees to choose the workplace

    Eighty-eight percent of companies have taken to using incentives to get their employees excited to go back to the office. But what's really working?

    May 9, 2022
  • Demand for hybrid work may be behind record-high attrition

    HR can act by leading efforts to shift culture around hybrid work and helping leadership to understand the value of it, according to Gartner.

    By May 5, 2022
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    Deep Dive

    Despite hurry to hire, employers overlook workers with resume gaps

    Caregivers, older workers, workers with disabilities and workers with criminal backgrounds each bring unique skills but face barriers to opportunity.

    By May 4, 2022
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    OSHA wants to make injury data public, but employers fear a PR nightmare

    Employers also could face increased union activity, one employment law attorney said.

    By Carla Bell and Kate Tornone • April 25, 2022
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    5 musts for an effective automated employee separation process

    Employee offboarding experiences have major impact including reaching future employees.

    April 25, 2022
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    An HR approach to employee journey mapping

    Human resource professionals and organizational leaders must intentionally construct a positive employee experience for the benefit of employee and employer alike. This requires a thorough understanding of how key moments in the employee lifecycle affect the employee experience.

    April 25, 2022
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    Survey: Almost all HR pros are burned out — and many are thinking of leaving

    While HR has been expected to deal with the fallout of the Great Resignation, department leaders have sometimes felt lost in the shuffle.

    By April 22, 2022
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    Onboarding falls short on team-building, intro to culture, survey says

    Employers may be able to enhance onboarding procedures by lengthening timelines and using different kinds of events, Eagle Hill Consulting said.

    By April 20, 2022
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    Can marijuana testing policies keep up with legalization?

    "Back then the argument was that it's illegal," DMEC lead Terri Rhodes said. "Well, now you don't have that argument."

    By April 19, 2022
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    EEO-1's nonbinary reporting gap puts HR in 'a very uncomfortable situation'

    Cassie Whitlock, the HR lead at BambooHR, talks compliance and how the EEOC makes trans inclusion difficult.

    By April 18, 2022
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    What the Great Reflection means for the future of work

    As think pieces, analysis, and commentary from workplace experts surface, employees are left to wonder: Why were mass layoffs treated so matter of fact, while mass resignations are seen as a large-scale crisis?

    April 18, 2022
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    'Just be human': Jamba Juice ex-CEO on HR and anti-racism

    Authors Krista and James D. White, a father-daughter duo, spoke about HR's role in DEI. "This is work that the CEO cannot delegate," said James.

    By April 12, 2022
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    Intersection of ADA, COVID-19 requires creative reopening policies, EEOC official says

    The EEOC has received hundreds of charges involving both COVID-19 vaccination and the ADA, according to Evangeline Hawthorne, the agency's Tampa field office director.

    By April 12, 2022
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    What does a workforce planner do? Wish's senior manager explains

    Tonya Coleman, a workforce planning professional, spoke to HR Dive about using data to inform staffing decisions.

    By April 12, 2022
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    Study: 1 in 6 UK parents feel 'constrained' by managers after requesting parental leave

    Parental leave can be a strong tool for both recruiting and retention, research shows.

    By April 11, 2022
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    90% of employees demand flexible work. Do you have the tools to support the future of work?

    The widespread adoption of remote work policies has the potential to give HR professionals the flexibility they need to attract, hire and retain talent. But new data shows current policies may be at odds with what employees actually want.  

    By Steve Black, CSO, Topia • April 11, 2022
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    When should HR step in for conflict resolution?

    Conflict doesn't happen in a vacuum, which is why it's important to know HR's role in solving it, writes Lora Patterson, senior HR advisor at TriNetZenefits.

    By Lora Patterson • April 8, 2022
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    ljubaphoto via Getty Images

    5 talent tips from GM's head of talent acquisition

    Make the world know who you are as an employer, Kyle Lagunas, head of talent acquisition at General Motors, told HR pros.

    By April 5, 2022