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    What is a culture leader?

    Erin Bloom’s role as head of culture and community at Aquent allows her to devote herself to employee listening.

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    How Chipotle plans to identify and grow future leaders

    A class of 45 “emerging leaders” will participate in the chain’s inaugural, nine-month development program, Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer Marissa Andrada told HR Dive.

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    'You have to be cautious': 3 fast FMLA compliance tips

    Employers can reduce compliance risk by conducting annual audits and giving employees time to file certifications, WorkForce Software’s Paul Kramer said.

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    Mailbag: How do I respond to rumors about a union?

    Don't spend time perusing Google, recommended attorney and consultant Kate Bischoff. Search results will yield only the traditional labor handbook.

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    Hybrid work is the new normal, IT and business leaders say

    But it’s not all smooth sailing; employees are increasingly likely to fall for advanced phishing attacks amid hybrid work, a previous survey showed.

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    Ex-SHRM worker alleges organization let bias fester behind 'principled public facade'

    The plaintiff, an Egyptian woman, said her supervisor “systematically favored” her White charges and that the plaintiff was eventually fired for complaining.

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    SCOTUS won't hear challenge to health worker vaccine mandate

    Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito dissented in the court’s decision regarding the New York lawsuit.

  • A Kroger associate wear the grocer's apron and heart logo.
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    Courtesy of Kroger

    Jury should hear Kroger workers' dress code claim, judge says

    The employees refused to wear a four-color heart logo, saying they believed it represented support for LGBTQ individuals.

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    Despite 'skills-based' hiring push, employers overlook nontraditional candidates

    Recruiting tools and processes may fail to consider workers without a four-year degree, panelists said during a June 28 joint EEOC and OFCCP webinar.

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    Survey: Most restaurants are still short-staffed even as demand recovers

    Thirty percent of restaurant owners said business has returned to pre-pandemic levels while 25% said it has surpassed them, per Popmenu. 

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    Dobbs decision may cause worker retention challenges

    The overturning of Roe v. Wade will likely lead to sweeping logistical and worker retention challenges for employers operating across state lines, experts say. 

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    Hourly workers say they're jumping ship in search of flexibility, advancement

    The coronavirus pandemic put many hourly workers through the wringer — and some emerged with a new perspective on work.

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    Title inflation is on the rise, one recruiter says. Here's how to prevent it.

    Title inflation can hurt both candidates and recruiters, but HR pros can embrace simple fixes to avoid it, recruiter Shawn Cole said.

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    DOL expands timekeeping app aimed at empowering workers

    Management-side attorneys, however, have generally cautioned employers about using the app or encouraging workers to do so.

    Updated June 30, 2022
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    Amid expat burnout, global talent acquisition may get trickier

    Filling international roles might be more challenging as expatriates lose steam, per a Cigna global well-being survey.

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    Fewer workers say their employer is empathetic in 2022

    Anxiety and return-to-work plans are among the factors that may have led to a reduction in perceived empathy, according to Businessolver.

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    State, local governments struggle to hire amid job market shifts

    A combination of factors has kept public-sector employment below pre-pandemic levels, but experts say governments can offer candidates a unique proposition.

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    Technology literacy is key for candidates aspiring to the CFO seat

    Future CFO candidates could differentiate themselves by developing greater tech literacy and becoming more involved in their organization’s data usage.

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    Court revives claim of 'egregious' age-based harassment

    A former plant worker who claimed he was forced to quit because his employer refused to stop co-workers’ relentless age-based harassment can take his case to a jury, a split panel of the 7th Circuit held.

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    Survey: 4 in 10 workers live paycheck to paycheck

    The percentage of financially strapped workers making $100,000 or more has risen dramatically, the WTW survey found.

  • SHRM headquarters in Alexandria, Va.
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    "SHRM headquarters in Alexandria, Va." by HRPro14 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

    SHRM will pay $221K, improve program accessibility to settle ADA suit

    The organization will provide captioning, transcription services and interpreters for certain professional development offerings.

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    Photo Illustration: Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Industry Dive

    Beyoncé's new hit is a Great Resignation anthem. Where does that leave HR professionals?

    An HR expert and a racial justice educator unpacked the track’s intersections with the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle and unionization efforts.

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    Can employers boost inclusion, fix systemic cultural issues with 'trust banking'?

    When there's no emotional tie, people show up in a way that's like nails on a chalkboard for that other person, said Janine Yancey, CEO of Emtrain.

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    How one firm addresses cannabis' growing need for L&D

    The cannabis industry continues to be a case study for talent development in a fast-paced, emerging market.

  • The headquarters of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington, D.C.
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    Ryan Golden/HR Dive

    Staffing company sued for allegedly rejecting applicant born outside the US

    A national staffing company violated Title VII by rejecting a naturalized citizen for a job with a government contractor because she wasn’t born in the U.S., an EEOC lawsuit said.