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  • Students watch a demonstration at Informa Markets' student event during IME West.
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    How the manufacturing industry is working to interest high schoolers

    Community colleges, economic development groups and industry players are collaborating to educate young students about careers in the industry. 

    By Sakshi Udavant • March 15, 2024
  • A student talks with a training instructor to fix an outdoor air conditioner.
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    Dragos Condrea via Getty Images
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    HVAC pre-apprenticeship program aims to improve skilled worker pipeline

    The Pryor High School Innovation Center in Oklahoma is using Interplay Learning’s platform to provide hands-on training that includes repairing and maintaining the school’s HVAC systems.

    By Nish Amarnath • March 14, 2024
  • Young business woman with face mask in the office. Explore the Trendline
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    The HR Dive Outlook on 2022

    The year will demand employers focus on equity, total rewards and flexibility, and HR pros are the ones for the job.

    By HR Dive staff
  • The exterior of LinkedIn headquarters in San Francisco
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    Justin Sullivan / Staff via Getty Images
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    In an era of AI, skill building is a top organizational priority, LinkedIn says

    For the second year, aligning learning to business goals is a main focus for L&D professionals.

    By Carolyn Crist • March 12, 2024
  • Joe Biden smiles while delivering remarks.
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    Nathan Howard via Getty Images
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    Biden administration announces expansion of registered apprenticeships

    The administration previously announced $200 million in grant funding to support apprenticeship programs in high-demand areas.

    By Carolyn Crist • March 11, 2024
  • Male IT Specialist Walks Between Row of Operational Server Racks in Data Center. Engineer Uses Tablet Computer for Maintenance.
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    gorodenkoff via Getty Images
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    Employees need AI skills — but what does that training look like?

    Reports indicate that a majority of the workforce may need to be reskilled in the next five years as AI booms. What can employers do now?

    By Jen A. Miller • March 5, 2024
  • The welcome screen for the OpenAI "ChatGPT" app is displayed on a laptop screen
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    Leon Neal via Getty Images
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    Udemy reports surge in demand for AI, IT and leadership training

    Workers are interested in applying new tech skills, as well as developing “human” skills that AI can’t replace, according to the latest data from the learning platform.

    By Carolyn Crist • Feb. 28, 2024
  • A street sign for Wall Street in front of the facade of the New York Stock Exchange.
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    JaysonPhotography via Getty Images
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    Junior employees are not ‘desk ready,’ financial services training firm says

    Concerns about workers following office mores extends beyond the finance industry, however.

    By Feb. 21, 2024
  • Individuals look at an Apple Vision Pro headset.
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    Michael M. Santiago / Staff via Getty Images
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    Report: Employers don’t practice what they preach on skills-based hiring

    Fewer than 1 in 700 new hires benefited from businesses dropping degree requirements, Burning Glass Institute and Harvard Business School estimated.

    By Carolyn Crist • Feb. 20, 2024
  • Roger Williams leaves a House Republican conference meeting.
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    Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images
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    Republicans say proposed rule would disincentivize apprenticeships

    The lawmakers’ complaints focus on administrative requirements, including mandatory disclosures and required adoption of a time-based model.

    By Feb. 20, 2024
  • A closeup shot of a young man works at a computer screen on a software looking at the design of a solar panel array in CAD with data.
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    Laurence Dutton via Getty Images
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    To showcase ROI, learning leaders may need to clarify L&D metrics

    L&D teams should establish the purpose of measurement and incorporate key players, according to a McLean & Co. report.

    By Carolyn Crist • Feb. 13, 2024
  • The silhouettes of two people standing on steps in caps and gowns, their entire figures are obscured.
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    Aaron Hawkins via Getty Images
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    While students display aptitude for in-demand jobs, their interest is low, study says

    Programs that showcase opportunities in healthcare, manufacturing, technology and finance could help pique student interest.

    By Carolyn Crist • Feb. 5, 2024
  • Janice Burns, Degreed Chief Transformation Officer
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    Permission granted by Degreed
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    Mentorship is ‘priceless’ in career development, chief transformation officer says

    Being in a mentoring relationship can be rewarding, but you need to be honest about your expectations, Degreed’s Janice Burns told HR Dive.

    By Jan. 30, 2024
  • Group of Gen Z employees working in office
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    Pekic via Getty Images
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    31% of hiring managers say they steer clear of Gen Z

    The COVID-19 pandemic affected the generation’s ability to acquire foundational workplace skills, ResumeBuilder’s chief career advisor said.

    By Jan. 29, 2024
  • A modern office with glass windows looking over a green outdoor courtyard.
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    Demand for green skills grows as companies focus on sustainability goals

    Organizations are ramping up their urgency around environmental commitments and increasing calls for skilled talent.

    By Carolyn Crist • Jan. 23, 2024
  • Business people, meeting and corporate discussion against a blurred background at the office. Group of employees in team planning, presentation or training staff for collaboration.
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    Jacob Wackerhausen/Getty via Getty Images
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    The lazybones, the jerk and the badgerer: 6 types of managerial FMLA, ADA offenders

    Training managers on compliance sometimes can be harder than meeting accommodation requirements, according to a DMEC study.

    By Jan. 22, 2024
  • A darkened office
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    Niall Majury via Getty Images
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    Noncompliant workers are a $1.6M liability, study shows

    Proper and thorough compliance education can help eliminate worker understanding gaps, study authors said.

    By Jan. 18, 2024
  • Close-up of silicon die being extracted from semiconductor wafer and attached to the substrate by a pick and place machine.
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    SweetBunFactory for iStock via Getty Images
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    Michigan invests in semiconductor training to meet demand for high-skilled talent

    For skill-focused industries, employers and governments may need to work together to meet talent goals. 

    By Jan. 16, 2024
  • An individual speaks to others, with LMVH branded bags displayed on a table.
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    Permission granted by LMVH
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    How LVMH navigates the dynamic workforce through strategic upskilling

    Thoughtful programming enhances engagement, retention and innovation, writes Gena Smith, CHRO of LVMH North America.

    By Gena Smith • Jan. 11, 2024
  • Groupon logo etched into office door
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images
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    Groupon to fund STEM training for Black students after EEOC probe

    The company had been the subject of an EEOC discrimination charge filed in 2014 by an applicant who alleged Groupon failed to hire him on the basis of his race.

    By Jan. 9, 2024
  • Employee leaves note on back of office chair: "Out of Office. Gone on Vacation!"
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    Column // Happy Hour

    Out of the office or out of touch? Workers share auto reply pet peeves

    Some email away messages are more cringe-worthy than others, a survey finds.

    By Jan. 5, 2024
  • Lisa Blunt Rochester speaks at a podium.
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    Anna Moneymaker / Staff via Getty Images
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    Bill would fund AI training through schools, nonprofits

    The federal bill would incorporate AI literacy as a key component of digital literacy and support training initiatives. 

    By Carolyn Crist • Jan. 3, 2024
  • Group of business people meeting, discussing, analyzing graphs
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    AmnajKhetsamtip via Getty Images
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    Performance review season is here. Here’s how to keep it productive.

    Employers can manage the performance review process in ways that not only comfort worried workers but also encourage excellence.

    By Jan. 2, 2024
  • Two people talk in a conference room.
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    VioletaStoimenova via Getty Images
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    5 tips to better manage difficult performance conversations

    HR pros can ease otherwise painful performance talks by giving workers a heads-up, among other actions, Ang Brennan of Insights writes.

    By Ang Brennan • Dec. 28, 2023
  • Two people talk in an office.
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    kate_sept2004 via Getty Images
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    Managers think they’re better at their jobs than they actually are, survey says

    Some valuable manager skills may not come easily to talent in leadership roles, a Checkr.com report suggests.

    By Laurel Kalser • Dec. 21, 2023
  • Image of the LearnOps lifecycle
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    How to make L&D more strategic

    Too often, L&D appears to cost money without driving growth for a company, Cognota CEO Ryan Austin said.

    By Dec. 19, 2023