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    Microsoft to follow 'open and constructive approach' to unionization

    The announcement comes after very public unionization efforts at other Big Tech companies.

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    EEOC to make virtual mediation a permanent option

    A study found participants viewed the program as "highly effective, fair and neutral," EEOC said.

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    Repay CFO uses 5% raises, retention packages to win workers

    While some payments players have pared jobs, Repay CFO Timothy Murphy plans to continue hiring and said there's been no slowdown in growth for core markets.

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    Meet the pro who built an HR department during the pandemic

    Maggie Smith learned a few key lessons during her first year at Traliant, collecting both tips for other HR pros and reminders for her own professional journey.

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    Loneliness impacting workers' productivity, health, Cigna study finds

    The advent of permanent remote work arrangements and other flexibility gave rise to concerns that workers may be dealing with isolation and loneliness.

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    What does employee appreciation look like post-pandemic?

    Considering the changes, frustrations and tragedies workers endured during the pandemic, appreciation will need serious thought, experts said.

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    EEOC: Alleged missteps in responding to sexual assault cost employer $175K

    According to the agency, a Michigan employer also subjected the worker to a supervisor's sexual advances and retaliated against her for complaining.

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    Suit: DOL overstepped its authority in warning against cryptocurrency in 401(k)s

    Defined contribution plans governed by ERISA shouldn’t be subject to the agency's "arbitrary whims," the complaint argued.

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    Deep Dive

    Are workers with visual and hearing disabilities included in your office reopening plan?

    Video conferencing and other technologies form an important part of return-to-office strategies, but they may not always be accessible for all applicants or employees.

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    Meat producers agree to infectious disease plan in OSHA settlement

    The workplace safety agency also fined the meat processing company $14,502 after finding facilities in Colorado and Wisconsin did not do enough to protect workers.

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    Sysco moves drivers to 4-day workweek in bid to improve retention

    The schedule change allows employees working overtime to come in for a fifth day instead of a sixth day, "which is much easier for someone to do," CEO Kevin Hourican said. 

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    Walmart expands learning offerings under global Walmart Academy

    Companies leaned on L&D during the pandemic and the department has seen higher budgets since 2020 — a trend that will likely continue.

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    8th Cir.: Difficult, time-consuming ADA reassignment request wasn't reasonable

    Reassignment has proven a contentious topic in employment law circles; a 2021 ruling by the 4th Circuit called reassignment "last among equals" as an accommodation.

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    3 ways to mark Juneteenth — without cultural appropriation

    Business leaders can reinforce existing organizational DEI and ESG initiatives, the director of African American and African diaspora studies at American University suggested.

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    The OFCCP's audit list is out. HR should prepare for changes.

    Four hundred federal contractors have been selected for the OFCCP's 2022 bias audits. They face new procedures announced in March.

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    DOL walks care industry employers through tricky wage and hour issues

    Knowledge of hours worked and thorough recordkeeping can be an employer's "best friends," said the Wage and Hour Division's Brenda Hernandez.

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    Indeed: In-person work sees renewed interest

    The findings may come as a surprise to those following developments around hybrid work over the past year.

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    Schools seek to strengthen work-based learning opportunities

    A new report details how these programs have positive impacts on student employment and earnings, academic outcomes and more.

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    Nursing care chain settles alleged break time, bonus pay violations for $2.9M

    The Department of Labor has been aggressive about pursuing suspected overtime violations, and its investigations have led to hefty fines.

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    McDonald's stockholders vote for independent civil rights audit

    The proposal for an independent civil rights audit — which goes against the company's recommendation — won a 52% to 47% vote.

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    Combining DEI with learning, Microsoft opens TechSpark hub in Mississippi

    The initiative reflects Microsoft's emerging modus operandi as a company that seeks equity through L&D.  

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    How to support AAPI women year-round

    Employers can also show solidarity by funding bystander training against harassment.

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    How to identify and accommodate employees' varied learning styles

    Managers can use learning styles to guide assignments and communications, according to Terrence Maltbia, associate professor of organization and leadership at Columbia University.

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    Waters and Brown urge SEC to disclose demographic data to investors

    "To be effective, disclosures should include corporate board, executive leadership and workforce diversity data," the congresswoman and senator wrote.

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    Business associations back lawsuit challenging DOL's 80/20 rule

    The contentious policy has been scrapped and resurrected repeatedly over the years, as business operators clash with regulators on tip calculation.