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Boost Your Bottom Line with Goals: Alignment on Shared Vision Is Key to High Performance

Employee alignment – keeping everyone on the same page and working towards the same long-term priorities – isn’t just critical for survival in today’s competitive business environment. As many leaders are discovering, it’s also an opportunity to drive high-performance throughout the organization and, in turn, make a positive impact on the company’s financial bottom line.

In this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report you will learn:

  • How employee engagement surveys fall short
  • The importance of linking employee goals to an organization’s strategy
  • How to ensure employee alignment across all teams
  • New technologies that can help foster alignment around goals and priorities



“Instilling a company’s employees with a shared understanding of its long-term goals and strategy requires a commitment from the organization’s leader, regular guidance and feedback on progress toward goal achievement, and access to technologies that enable workers to pursue this shared vision.” - Kris Duggan, CEO and Co-Founder, BetterWorks