REBOOT E-course Offers Solutions for Employers Seeking Mental Health Support for Individual Staff and Teams

August 10, 2021
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Dr. Lindsay Jernigan

(August 10, 2021) As mental health needs skyrocket as a result of the disruptions, changes, and general fallout of 2020, leading clinical psychologist Dr. Lindsay Jernigan announces the launch of REBOOT: a series of self-paced online courses to reach those who may be suffering from anxiety, depression, and an array of other mental health-related issues.

The first course of the REBOOT series is called Resilience: You’re Not Alone. In seven episodes, Jernigan offers therapeutic “nuggets” culled from her 20 years as a clinical psychologist and professional trainer. Each episode is an average of 10 minutes long and is accompanied by digital and audio downloads for supplemental support. Resilience includes the following episode titles:  

  1. Welcome to Resilience (4 minutes)
  2. You’re Not Alone (7 minutes)
  3. Am I Depressed? (8 minutes)
  4. How Can I Feel Better — Treating Depression (13 minutes)
  5. How To Spot Anxiety (7 minutes)
  6. How Can I Feel Better — Treating Anxiety (11 minutes)
  7. Myth Busters (6 minutes)

Resilience is designed for individuals who want to quickly build self-care skills, understand their spectrum of feelings, and find relief from depression and anxiety,” according to Jernigan. “My hope is to provide employers with resources for their staff who may not otherwise have support, and to encourage employees to prioritize self-care. In the end, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

In her private practice, Jernigan’s expertise includes emotional and mental well being, female empowerment, joyful living, couples intimacy, intuitive awareness, and building strong teams. Additionally, she facilitates integrative retreats for women, spouses/partners, and leaders; conducts training for therapists; and provides expert commentary and advice to publications such as Psychology Today, U.S. News & World Report, Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Conde Nast Traveler, Bustle, Fatherly, Well and Good, and Parents.

“Living through the pandemic took an immense toll, and unfortunately mental and emotional suffering is the new norm,” says Jernigan. “Most of the good practitioners I know are at capacity and turning people away due to lack of availability, so I developed REBOOT as an accessible, on-demand, professional guidance and support system so anyone can start feeling better now, without having to wait months for an in-person appointment.”

Resilience is offered at $119 per individual purchase, but organizations that want to offer the e-course to employees as an employee benefit can request pricing by contacting Dr. Lindsay Jernigan via her website. To purchase the Resilience: You’re Not Alone e-course, click here.    

Resilience is the first e-course from Dr. Lindsay Jernigan’s REBOOT, a self-paced mental health and wellness series. This course is designed for individuals looking for immediate mental health support, and for organizations looking for a mental health resource for their greatest commodity: their people.