Musculoskeletal Pain Management and Surgery Solutions Through Transparent Bundled Pricing

August 03, 2021

Accarent Health is excited to welcome SimpleTherapy to their specialty network of high-quality providers of bundled services offering holistic preventative and curative care for acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. 

According to Arthroplasty Today, there are nearly 1M total joint replacements annually with an expected increase of 300% by 2030. 

SimpleTherapy's guided exercise therapy programs are created for individuals who may be considering musculoskeletal surgery and are designed to complement Accarent's total health initiative. Accarent members will have access to SimpleTherapy's Care Team (which includes Licensed Physical Therapists, Physicians, and Certified Coaches) via live 1:1 video consultations from 6 AM to 6 PM EST. Members will have unlimited 12-month access to video-guided exercise therapy programs with real-time monitoring from home, using a device the member is comfortable and familiar with.

The Simple Therapy program is personalized to each participant considering their condition, functional limitations, and therapeutic response. Exercises and techniques recommended by SimpleTherapy’s Care Team adapt in real-time to a participant’s unique needs to accelerate recovery. 

The SimpleTherapy program is third-party validated to reduce surgical claims by 66%, Rx claims by 52%, and show an 89% improvement in outcomes. 

Accarent Health, in collaboration with some of the most highly rated medical institutions in the country, is offering a variety of knee, hip, shoulder, and spine procedures to treat those common musculoskeletal conditions which require surgical intervention.

Unfortunately, the price for musculoskeletal surgery can vary dramatically, based on insurer, anesthesiologist, and implant, even within a single hospital. Prices also vary widely between markets. With Accarent Health, patients and employers have the ability to know a guaranteed bundled price before surgery takes place and can comparison shop procedures encompassing the same services at academic medical centers and top rated hospitals across the country.  Accarent’s musculoskeletal surgery program limits risk for the employer, through transparent bundled costs and use of only top-quality providers, and ensures the patient is receiving the best possible care, often with no copays or out of pocket costs.

Together Accarent Health and SimpleTherapy aim to be the total musculoskeletal care solution, improving care navigation, patient engagement and outcomes, while reducing employers' overall orthopedic spending.


About SimpleTherapy

Founded in 2011 by orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, SimpleTherapy is a leading Digital MSK (musculoskeletal) Solution. SimpleTherapy’s mission is to remove the traditional healthcare system barriers by addressing musculoskeletal disorders before they progress to chronic conditions requiring surgery and time away from work. SimpleTherapy’s proprietary platform helps companies improve employee health and productivity and reduce musculoskeletal-related claims while keeping their cost of care measurable healthy. For more information, please visit


About Accarent Health
Accarent Health connects employers, patients, and plan administrators to a network of top-rated medical centers for superior cost-effective care at no annual membership fees or volume requirements. Offering an online platform with defined episodes of care, transparent bundled pricing, pertinent clinical information, travel and concierge assistance, and nurse case management directly to consumers, Accarent makes value-based healthcare understandable for the decision maker.