Wellness Platform lulafit Relaunches Brand, Unveiling New Website, Capabilities, and DEI Goals

March 15, 2021
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CHICAGO/NEW YORK -- Wellness platform, lulafit, relaunches its brand to appeal to an evolving customer base. As the company and products expand to support its mission, to deliver accessible well-being programs, a brand that clearly reflects lulafit's evolution, capabilities, and core values to all customers was essential. Lulafit has set the highest standards for wellness amenities and programming with clients ranging from commercial real estate developers providing their tenants access to the platform, whether in-person or virtual, to corporations enhancing their corporate wellness programs. The company is also expanding to work with health insurance brokers to have the platform be an additional wellness benefit for clients. 


“Lulafit is not the company it was last year or when it first began. We’ve had incredible growth, over 400% since 2019, within established verticals of commercial real estate and employee wellness programming,” said Colleen Werner, Founder & CEO. “The rebrand shows our commitment to modernizing well-being and creating a modern product customers can get excited about.”


The new company logo creates a brand personality that is both approachable and timeless. Details in the logo were carefully considered to echo the brand’s dedication to holistic, balanced wellness through a perfect circular counter of the letter ‘a’ as well as customized detailing to optimize natural letterform flow.

“Our rebrand reflects the holistic offerings we have and the different experiences and emotions we evoke in-person and online,” said Bicé Grobstein, Executive Vice President. “When people see lulafit, we want them to feel both energized and peaceful and ultimately balanced. Lulafit’s color palette focuses on the user experience through color theory. The colors that were chosen evoke feelings like optimism, creativity, energy, and tranquility.”


As part of the repositioning, lulafit launched a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy to hold the company accountable to DEI goals, further fostering a dynamic work environment today and for the future. “We are committed to an inclusive, equitable workplace that promotes and values diversity. Lulafit’s work environment is one where everyone, from any background, is inspired and encouraged to do their best work,” said Werner. 


The company is currently hiring numerous positions and committed to balancing the representation of gender identities, diversity, and age group in its recruiting efforts. Learn more about career opportunities at www.lulafit.com/careers


About lulafit:

Lulafit is a national leader in modern wellness amenity services, technology, and management. Today, lulafit works with top organizations and real estate communities to create a culture and space that supports people’s physical, social, and mental well-being. The result is increased retention, higher engagement, and happier and healthier people. Learn more about lulafit by visiting www.lulafit.com.


Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, lulafit has additional offices in New York and Philadelphia.