Remote Onboarding is the new normal

Posted May 04, 2020

Remote Onboarding is the ”New Normal”

When Bob Dylan wrote “The Times They Are a Changing,” he probably had no idea that 56 years later the world would experience a pandemic that would shift every way in which businesses work, train and thrive. 

Yes, times are uncertain and challenging for a lot of people and organizations. But there’s also an incredible opportunity to seize the moment and embrace this paradigm shift through agile thinking, leading and learning. 

As businesses strive to perfect social distancing, they still need to operate and conduct business—no matter how unusual the circumstances might be. Sales must be made. People need to be hired. 

Onboarding needs to be done. 

To do that, innovative thinking and learning is required. Here are some things you can do to onboard employees in the new normal. 

Due to COVID-19, standard classroom training for onboarding is officially obsolete. This is the shining moment for virtual instructor-led training (vILT). Luckily, tools like Adobe Connect or Zoom allow you to run vILT sessions, break out participants into group activities, poll participants and use whiteboards to brainstorm and discuss content. 

Get creative! Mix things up by using videos. Create and use eLearning as pre-work or post-work. However you do it, take advantage of this opportunity to experiment and build a case for never running another classroom “Death by PowerPoint” training again. 


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