Assist America Reveals New Global Travel Risk Management Solutions, SecurAssist and SecurEvac

Princeton, NJ (August 6, 2019) – Assist America, Inc., a leading provider of global emergency travel assistance services through employee and group benefit plans, launched a revamped version of its global travel risk management solution, SecurAssist, as well as its indemnified political and natural disaster evacuation service, SecurEvac.

SecurAssist supports organizational resilience and global mobility by providing companies with tools and resources to look after their traveling employees, foreign assets and global operations. With the objective to bring better security content and global intelligence resources, Assist America has worked to modernize the tools available to members. Updates include a redesigned SecurAssist website, allowing for a better user experience and access to an interactive authorized registrant area. Users can now review quarterly intelligence updates drafted by intelligence analysts and security professionals and real-time security alerts which can be filtered according to their organization’s specific security needs. Member companies also have access to an interactive global risk map for active alerts, country profiles and security briefs.

SecurAssist provides complimentary global intelligence services and resources to accompany member companies through every step of the travel process. Services include but are not limited to location-specific security briefings, itinerary and personal protection assessment, emergency evacuation consultation and in-country security contacts and safehouse coordination. Member companies also have 24/7 access to security experts who can provide fee-based, customized services such as in-depth threat assessments, security training programs, special event security, onsite security staff, kidnap negotiations and recovery, and security evacuations and repatriations.

For companies interested in a proactive and indemnified evacuation service in the event of a security, natural disaster or political emergency, SecurEvac provides a robust and rapid response in circumstances where government and infrastructure, overwhelmed by a disaster or unrest, may have ceased to function effectively.

SecurAssist global intelligence services are available at no additional cost to Assist America’s member organizations. For more information regarding SecurAssist, visit If you would like a SecurEvac quote, contact [email protected].   


About Assist America:

Founded in 1990, Assist America provides global emergency travel assistance services through employee and group benefit plans. Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, the company serves more than 40 million members worldwide through programs from the world’s most prominent insurance companies. Assist America also offers programs in the areas of security and risk management including SecurAssist, SecurEvac, a fully customized and indemnified evacuation service for security, political and natural disasters emergencies, and Identity Protection. For more information about Assist America’s services and related solutions, visit


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