Harting EAP Announces EAPro360™, a “Next Generation” Web-based Solution for EAPs

Posted Jul 15, 2019

For Immediate Release

New platform delivers powerful tools within an intuitive workflow that enables EAPs to highlight the IMPACT of all of their services, validate improved outcomes and demonstrate return on investment.

SWANSEA, IL — June 15, 2019 — Harting EAP, a leading provider of technology solutions to EAPs (employee assistance programs), today announces the release of EAPro360™, a web-based software solution that stresses the positive IMPACT all EAP services, including clinical assessment & referrals, workplace consultations, CISD, and Trainings have on a workforce. The entirely new platform was written from the “ground up” to meet the operational, clinical and reporting needs of an EAP business. The solution includes efficient case management, and detailed reporting that focuses on the “IMPACT rate” (vs. utilization rate), which demonstrates the value of all EAP services.

EAPro360™ enables EAPs to give their clients in-depth insights into financial returns, cost savings, outcomes, and levels of increased productivity as a direct result of their support. Standard features include an integrated appointment calendar, standardized assessment tools, expanded user defined fields, improved security roles/permissions for users, in addition to:

- Comprehensive Affiliate Management from a secure portal.

- Robust Reporting on all EA services (includes an Improved IMPACT Report, Best Practice WOS Outcomes Report and CGP ROI Report).

- Company Portal that facilitates report sharing as well as news and alerts (on webinars, training, etc.).

- Sales module, Billing module, Behavioral Health Management, and more.

“Our new platform gives EAPs an unparalleled opportunity to manage all the services they provide, while collaborating with Affiliates/Providers in delivering quality outcomes,” said Amy Harting, COO. “Harting EAP has made a significant investment over the past three years in new technology, specifically in developing the EAPro360™ solution, to address the changing EAP market.  Our mission is to give EAPs the ability to describe the IMPACT of all of their services and not just Utilization Rates. Now, an EAP can show their IMPACT with the click of a button.”

Harting EAP will continue to support its other software offerings: DAYBREAK: the industry standard in EAP software, enabling EAPs around the world to more efficiently manage all phases of their business operations. DAYBREAK was the first EAP Software package to report the IMPACT of all service an EAP provides to a workforce; and Premier: a well-respected, stable, web-based solution designed for the full range of EAPs. The built-in flexibility enables EAPs to customize the system to meet their specific needs.


About Harting EAP

Harting EAP was founded in 1979 and since 1985 has supported EAPs around the world with cutting-edge software. Jim Harting, the President of HAI, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) who has been providing EAP counseling services since 1972. Jim developed DAYBREAK EAP Software when he realized there was no other software on the market to manage and address the specific operational needs of an EAP business. Since its release over three decades ago, it has emerged as the industry standard for EAPs around the world.

Currently, over 175 EAPs worldwide use one of these solutions to manage their business processes and serve their customers more responsively with less administrative overhead. Through robust reporting tools, EAPs are able to use any of these solutions to underscore the ROI they can deliver in improving workforce health, well-being and productivity. For more information, visit

Our mission is to empower the EAP Profession with the management and reporting tools to effectively validate their positive IMPACT on employees and the VALUE their services bring to the organization. This mission is supported by innovative, secure, user-friendly technology solutions and responsive customer service.


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