L&D - Shut Up and Listen

Posted Jul 10, 2019

Notion, global experts in behaviour change and coaching, says that the way people learn in organisations is changing and they suggest that if L&D wants to find solutions that really engage the needs of their learner population, and more importantly deliver measurable and tangible results, they have to start listening at a whole new level. 


Notion’s Director of Coaching, Laura Ashley-Timms, explained how if L&D spent more time listening, they could find out so much more about:


-How closely learning solutions match people’s needs and wants

-What impact training is actually having on performance

-What people really think about the learning opportunities available to them

-What motivates people to learn

-What obstacles get in the way of learning

-How much accountability people want to have over their own learning

-What people want to learn and why

-What formal and informal learning methods people like to use at work

-When people like to learn and in what type of environment

-What support people need to learn more effectively


If L&D had the answers to these questions, Laura questioned whether they would keep on doing what they’re doing:


“If learning solutions incorporated these insights, what impact would that have on learner engagement, learner accountability and ultimately, on learning culture?  Would you be better placed to design or curate more creative, highly relevant, in-demand, learner-centric, and just-in-time learning strategies?”


Notion’s comprehensive range of specialist courses designed to transform the capability of L&D teams introduces delegates to Notion’s unique ‘Operational Coaching’ methodology STAR ® which utilises an ‘Enquiry-Led Approach’ (ELA®) and helps people to develop the listening skills they need in just a few months. They say that clients who have completed the STAR® programme have reported a 73% improvement in the way they listen and a 63% improvement in asking better questions more frequently.


Laura commented, “We know that developing operational coaching skills, i.e. the ability to ask colleagues powerful questions and listen effectively in everyday operational settings is the key enabler in helping L&D transform into learning coaches capable of making a significant contribution to the creation of a continuous learning culture – can you afford not to listen?”


Notion is a global expert in behaviour change and coaching. If you would like to learn how to become a learning coach, click here to find out about Notion’s comprehensive range of specialist courses designed to transform the capability of L&D teams. Alternatively, simply call Notion for an informal chat on +44(0)1926 889 885.