Internal Coaching - Are You Relying on Blind Faith?

Posted Jun 26, 2019

Notion’s recent Internal Coaching Survey showed that 64% of organisations use Internal Coaches and more than a fifth of these have over 30 Internal Coaches within their organisations. Strikingly, the survey also revealed that most organisations pay little attention to how internal coaching programmes are organised. Notion's findings led the global experts in behaviour change and coaching, to question whether organisations really know what impact internal coaching is having or if they are just relying on blind faith.

According to the survey, few organisations set expectations for their Internal Coaches regarding who should be coached, how frequently they should meet or how long their sessions should be.

Notion’s Director of Coaching, Laura Ashley-Timms, expressed concern about this lack of strategic intent. “Without strategic intention, how can you know whether changes in behaviour or performance are as a direct result of coaching or that the coaching has had any beneficial impact on the business whatsoever? Little wonder that 87% of the organisations we surveyed didn’t know the ROI of their internal coaching, how could they if they don’t know what their Internal Coaches are actually doing? This is a huge blind spot but if you fix this issue it IS possible to achieve impressive results from internal coaching programmes.”

Laura talks more about the benefits of taking a strategic approach, “Effective, well-trained Internal Coaches have the ability to increase engagement, improve relationships, resolve conflict, mobilise talent, unlock potential, and ultimately, drive business results. Why would you leave that to chance?”

According to Laura, organisations need to ensure that their Internal Coaches learn how to set clear objectives for coaching assignments and understand how to track progress and measure results. “All of our coaching programmes have a strong strategic edge and a clear focus on delivering commercial outcomes. We can help exchange blind faith for 20:20 laser vision, giving organisations the ability to closely follow their investment, manage inputs, assure quality, and measure the fantastic results that can be delivered through internal coaching."

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