SMD Launches New Version of Patent-Pending Technology, SMD Link

ATLANTA, Ga., (June 20, 2019) – Strategic Management Decisions (SMD), a results-focused employee survey and assessment company, has released an enhanced version of its cloud-based technology, SMD Link. Topping the updates is the ability to view and share the bottom-line monetary impact and return on investment (ROI) of the employee survey via an “Impact” section in the new Manager’s Dashboard. This update also upgrades the user experience in a multitude of ways, from completely new interfaces and capabilities to smoother navigation. As such, the new version makes it even more seamless for companies to gain an ROI from their employee survey.


Impact & ROI Displayed on Manager’s Dashboard

Unlike other survey firms that perpetuate the usage of a survey as a check-the-box activity, SMD truly connects the employee survey results to business outcomes by utilizing customized, advanced analytical approaches. The complex analytics are simplified for human resource leaders and managers in the SMD Link tool and the ROI is clearly presented in the “Impact” section in the manager’s dashboard.


For example, if a company’s primary business objective is turnover reduction, the manager’s dashboard in the tool would state the probable turnover reduction percentage and corresponding monetary savings possible if the company stays diligent with its action planning. Other examples of business objectives that the tool could track are improving HCAHPS scores, sales, safety, customer satisfaction, etc.


Action Planning Eased with Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Plus, the new custom reporting interface enables managers to encourage action planning even more effortlessly as results can be drilled down to a level that best suits that specific organization. Managers can decide which departments, work group, employee types, etc. they want to see by applying the filters of their choosing. That functionality extends to all available reports in the tool.


Smooth, Refined Navigation

Users can navigate through all reports with just one click and easily toggle between organizational levels. Additionally, users have access to an enhanced scorecard where they can view more information, have more control over how they see it, all in a sharper, sleeker layout.

For more information, view this video or contact [email protected] for a virtual demonstration. Follow SMD on Twitter (@SMDHR) and LinkedIn (Strategic Management Decisions). #SMDanalytics



SMD is an employee survey and assessment company that delivers results, not just insights, via its patent-pending, cloud-based technology, SMD Link. SMD identifies the cause-effect relationships between talent assessments and business outcomes to ensure the surveys translate into analytics-based, actionable ways that everyone down to the front line can work to improve specific business outcomes. Since the launch of SMD Link, more than 2,000,000 assessments have been conducted and analyzed on the platform. The platform includes assessments for hiring, employee engagement, and employee development (360). SMD clients include UPS, Dignity Health, Dow Chemical and Universal Health Services, Inc.