Sacramento, CA – Sparck, the personalized employee recognition and engagement platform, announces exclusive partnership with Silicon Valley based Integral Talent Systems to use their statistically validated Engagement Survey to help employers measure their employees’ engagement.

Despite unemployment at a near 50-year low, over half of US employees are looking for new opportunities and competition for the best talent has never been greater.  Sparck’s #BeHeard Engagement Survey can measure how passionate employees feel about their jobs, their commitment to the organization, how supported they feel to advance their career, if they are in the right job and have the necessary skills, and knowledge to perform to the best of their ability.

 In addition, the survey uncovers whether employees’ beliefs are aligned with the organizations mission, values and goals.  The survey also reveals the likelihood employees will leave within the next twelve months and if they feel valued in the workplace, a leading driver in engagement and workforce retention.

Anna Straus, Co-Founder and CEO of Sparck, said, “I am so excited to be partnering with Integral Talent Systems for our #BeHeard Engagement Survey.  It provides a baseline for employers to begin to identify where they should invest time and money to retain their best talent, increase business performance and elevate their employee experience.  As employee engagement directly relates to productivity, revenue, absenteeism, turnover and customer satisfaction, the #BeHeard Engagement Survey results can give an organization a clear picture of the strengths and opportunities for improving its employee commitment resulting in a thriving, content workplace.”

Dr B. Lynn Ware, CEO of Integral Talent Systems, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Sparck on their #BeHeard Engagement Survey.  Our survey process at ITS ensures the survey generates high participation rates, creates actionable outputs and follow-through to drive real-world results which are integral to retaining top talent in this competitive market.”

Sparck has identified that meaningful recognition is a critical driver in employee engagement and one that needs to be modernized.  In addition to the results of the #BeHeard Engagement Survey, Sparck will also equip employers with the right tools and analytics to connect with their employees in a way they feel most valued in the workplace.


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About Sparck:

Sparck is a personalized employee recognition and engagement platform that helps employers increase retention and productivity in the workplace.  It is a modern approach that reflects how employees live, work, and communicate today.  Sparck is the only recognition platform that personalizes each employee experience in a way that is most meaningful to them with the right perk, in the right way, at the right time.  


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