Revolutionizing The Employee Experience CrowdQuestion Panel Presented By DirectSuggest June 24th – July 1st

CrowdQuestion is a new social platform that is focused on connecting crowds through Q&A The Right Way. Starting in June, we will begin to conduct weekly panels on various topics. These panels are focused on providing interaction on fascinating subjects that inspire and educate through Q&A.

Starting June 24th, we will be conducting a panel for those interested in improving their business, employee engagement, sparking innovation, and redesigning their workplace or organizational structure. The Revolutionize The Employee Experience By Increasing Engagement & Innovation Panel will feature seven panelists throughout the world, in different industries and sized organizations, will provide insights towards improving the employee experience which in turn revolutionizes your organization. Ask questions regarding general or specific concepts surrounding improving your organization, increase engagement, and spark innovation. This diverse panel allows for a wide array of answers to questions from various types of organizations in different situations.

How It Works

CrowdQuestion’s Panels will be the first panels to be conducted online rather than in-person enabling participation to be significantly vaster. Participating in the panel will not require any in-person or conference-call interaction. To engage in these powerful panels as part of the crowd, join CrowdQuestion for free on any device. Members of the crowd can ask written and audio-based questions for one week leading up to the panelist answer period. Panelists may answer questions as they come in, but are given a full week to answer questions after the week of asking questions has finished.

Let’s Introduce Our Powerful Panelists:

Francis Aquino - Director Of Workplace & Employee Experience at Honey

Matt Burns - Award-Winning Global HR Consultant & Founder of Global HR Collective | Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at BentoHR

Charlie Garland - President of The Innovation Outlet | Creator of Cognitive Buoyancy® & The Innovation Cube™ | Advisory Board Member of Creative Education Foundation & Rutgers U. Center for Innovation | Senior Fellow of Columbia U. Med Center HITLAB | Editorial Advisor of International Journal of Innovation Science | Certified practitioner of Polarity Thinking™, the FourSight® creativity assessment, methodology, and tool set, and Tiny Habits® Coach

Deborah Hartung - Founder of Pivot PeopleTech & Success Partner at Hi5 Technologies

Brorhie Muoboghare - Global Digital Learning Success Manager at IBM

Mai Ton - Top 50 Most Powerful Women In Technology & Founding Consultant at EMP HR Consulting

About CrowdQuestion

CrowdQuestion connects Crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. CrowdQuestion allows Hosts to create Channels where they hold Events to Answer Questions & engage with the Crowd, saving time compared to the pain of doing it through social media.

"Being able to ask questions, rank questions, and have the questions answered is the most impactful form of engagement. Engagement is at the forefront of CrowdQuestion’s design. Connections are built, and concepts are learned. We cannot wait to see the impact made through Q&A The Right Way." - CEO Riley Moore of RM4Tech & Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion.