Buoy Health Receives Minnesota Health Action Group Innovation Award

Posted Jun 05, 2019




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BLOOMINGTON, MN (June 4, 2019) The Minnesota Health Action Group (The Action Group) announced today that Buoy Health has been chosen as the winner of the 2019 Minnesota Health Action Group Innovation Award. The award was presented during the Innovators Showcase at The Action Group’s 12th annual Employer Leadership Summit in May. Buoy Health is a digital health tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence to replicate a conversation with a doctor and help people understand what to do when they’re sick.


This is the sixth year The Action Group has sponsored the Innovators Showcase, which gives five health care start-ups an opportunity to demonstrate their new product or service to more than 200 Summit attendees. Summit attendees, including major health care purchasers, health care providers, and Minnesota business leaders selected the winner by popular vote.


“Forward-thinking employers are committed to creating purpose-driven work environments that attract and retain top talent while tailoring benefits to an increasingly diverse workforce,” said Carolyn Pare, president and CEO of The Action Group. “By connecting individuals to appropriate health information and care resources, the Buoy Health platform helps people make informed decisions about their health and use their benefits wisely. Buoy won over attendees because of its potential to help individuals find care and reduce waste by directing them to the right provider, at the right time, and within their plan.”


Buoy Health is empowering people to take control of their health care journey. Buoy is an AI (artificial intelligence) health and benefits navigation platform that directs employees to appropriate services personalized to their in-network providers and benefits. Buoy’s platform includes an AI Health Assistant, an interactive chatbot, that mirrors a friendly conversation with your favorite doctor. In a quick five-minute chat, Buoy narrows down the world of clinical situations to a maximum of three possible conditions and provides information on what to do next. This process empowers people with personalized guidance, alleviates fear and anxiety, and results in better self-diagnosis. In a three-month study of nearly 1,800 people, 35% of those who initially intended to go to the emergency department indicated they’d see primary care or self-treat after using Buoy, resulting in an estimated cost savings of $1.1M.


“We are thrilled to have been named the winner of the 2019 Minnesota Health Action Group Innovation Award,” said Buoy Health CEO Andrew Le. “We know that employers and employees are tired of the confusion and complexity inherent in health care. The Action Group’s recognition of our work toward empowering people to make the right health care decision is a huge win in the movement against the status quo.”


Dave Dickey, CEO of Second Story Sales, returned as moderator for the Showcase, which also included presentations from BrightDime, a platform of financial wellness tools that employers can implement into their employee well-being strategies; Cleo, a family support system that helps working parents balance work and home life; Naturally Slim, a digital counseling program that teaches participants simple skills to change when, how, and why they eat, instead of what they eat; and Sibly,- a 24/7 wellness support tool with access to experienced coaches who help employees achieve their goals and improve their well-being.


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About the Minnesota Health Action Group

The Minnesota Health Action Group is a coalition of public and private purchasers whose sole purpose is to represent the collective voice of those who write the checks for health care in Minnesota. Action Group members collaborate with community stakeholders to drive innovations that support high-quality health care, create engaged consumers, and ensure the economic vitality of all Minnesota communities. Based in Bloomington, MN, the Minnesota Health Action Group was formed in 1988 as the Buyers Health Care Action Group. To learn more, visit Follow on YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter.


About Buoy Health

Buoy Health is an AI Health and Benefits Navigation Platform that empowers people to effectively manage their own health and health care options. Formed at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory in Boston, MA, Buoy Health’s team of doctors, product designers and software engineers developed its AI Health Assistant, Buoy, in direct response to the downward spiral people face when they attempt to self-diagnose their symptoms online. The technology behind Buoy leverages artificial intelligence — powered by advanced machine learning and proprietary granular data — to resemble an exchange one would have with their favorite doctor. Through partnerships with employers and health systems, Buoy guides employees to appropriate services personalized to their in-network providers and benefits, whether that means visiting the ER or self-treating at home. Buoy Health is based in Boston and was founded in 2014. For more information, please visit



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