Rework Work Introduces a Data Driven Solution for Superior D&I Results

Rework Work Introduces a Data Driven Solution for Superior D&I Results

Nine-point system breaks down D&I data for manageable action

Los Angeles, CA, January 16, 2018 - Today, LA-based Rework Work, a rising force in the world of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) consulting, announced that its influential 25-minute video sequence, What is Unconscious Bias?, has reached three significant milestones:

1) Over 40,000 unique viewers on LinkedIn and nearly 250,000 total views; 2) Ongoing translation into multiple languages; and 3) Licensing by Virgin America/Alaska Air Group for showing as part of the airline’s in-flight content offerings. For company CEO Stacey Gordon, these achievements mark a validation of Rework Work’s solutions as well as a quickly growing market awareness of the critical need for D&I deficiencies to be addressed in organizations.

The Top Problem

Going into 2019, few businesses dispute that great imbalances remain in how minorities are handled throughout hiring and work processes. Many companies even survey their staff to assess the success of their D&I efforts. This generates a lot of data — and therein lies the problem.

“Management collects a lot of data,” says Stacey Gordon, “but a lot of it may be inaccurate. After all, if you worry that management isn’t going to like the truth, will you give it to them? So, management takes all this data, comes to inaccurate conclusions, and takes inappropriate actions — or no actions at all. Because if the company is making money, there must be no problem, right?”

The Rework Work methodology follows a nine-point system designed to break down D&I into manageable chunks. Target areas include reputation management, interviewing processes, compensation, onboarding methods, and skills building. At every step, Gordon and her colleagues examine all facets of company practices and look for ways to better integrate inclusion. For example, a company can’t encourage employees to suggest change if there’s an unwritten one-strike policy. Similarly, by teaching workers how to respect differences, people build trust and collaborate more effectively.

Angela Anable, Chairperson, ATD-LA and Director of Training, Landmark Theatres, said, “Stacey’s facilitation of Unconscious Bias is not only informative, but also challenging and provocative.”

“We tailor data to solutions,” says Gordon. “We’re not doing the same old D&I training where you trot out a 60-slide deck that rehashes all the definitions and ideas everybody already knows. There’s no solution to be found in there. We complete the loop from data to outcome. Once people listen to us, they get it.”

From workshops in London to corporate training in the United States and virtual offerings that reach around the globe, Rework Work has impacted companies the world over.

A Unique Perspective

Rework Work is staffed by women and minorities. According to Gordon, this allows the consultancy to have conversations with employees that might not be comfortable or possible with conventional management. In effect, companies try to make good change from bad data.

By knowing the right questions to ask and being a trusted independent third party with whom workers can relate, Rework Work collects more accurate demographic information. Such surveys also tend to reveal disparities in hiring practices, promoting practices, and day-to-day work evaluation. With this more informative, actionable data in hand, Rework Work meets with stakeholders and crafts policies and procedures that will lead to a fair environment with superior results for everyone involved.

Beyond data gathering, analysis, and strategic advising, Rework Work also focuses on employee training.

“Especially with women,” says Gordon, “there is often a lack of confidence in asking for what they want. They may not even accept an opportunity when it’s offered to them. Too often, an employer won’t offer second chances. This can close off opportunities for other women and minorities, since the employer may come to feel that those groups won’t accept such opportunities. We train those people to identify and appreciate their abilities and say yes.”

About Rework Work

Rework Work is a Los Angeles, CA-based human capital services and training consultancy focused on helping organizations address Diversity & Inclusion needs through a proven, data driven methodology. Rework work’s nine-point system breaks D&I down into manageable target areas which include: reputation management, interviewing processes, compensation, onboarding methods, and skills building. Starting with awareness, Rework Work helps organizations create commitment to a process, embedding the behavior elements of diversity & inclusion into the framework of the organizational culture. Solutions are brought to clients via surveying for unbiased data, interactive presentations, facilitating dialogue, weighing the business case against the moral reasoning and discussing strategies for implementation. For more information, visit