Signavio's Business Transformation Suite Highlighted as a Powerful Platform on Which to Build Success by MWD Advisors

The report positions Signavio Process Intelligence as a robust and intuitive tool of choice

Leading analyst research firm, MWD Advisors, unveiled this week its research report featuring Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite. The report lists Signavio as a “powerful platform in which to build success.” The report also positions Signavio Process Intelligence as a robust and intuitive tool of choice, “providing a really powerful toolkit for process insight and analytics, by going beyond the usual scope of process mining.” Further, “adding features that help teams write and share data-powered improvement investigations and investment cases."

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite is a cloud-based collection of modelling and analysis tools that help with the discovery, design and analysis of business processes. It provides internal facilities to simulate, animate and execute those process and decision models, or export them for execution in other environments. All the tools use the same shared repository, which has a rich security model allowing role-based access control to repository elements.

In the report, MWD states that Signavio links a set of tools that help with both design and data-led analysis for business processes and decisions, in order to “unleash the power of process.” The report goes as far as to state that any large organization that is serious about pursuing business change initiatives revolving around changing business process, should use Signavio’s tools to build success.

Signavio is commended across the entire product range, with particular praise given to the suite’s collaborative features, modeling capabilities, and ease of integration. Further coverage is provided on the ability to “truly activate your teams’ process modelling and management work.”

“We are very pleased with our placement in MWD Advisor’s recent report,” said Gero Decker, CEO. “Our business is quickly expanding, and this report highlights our transformation initiatives and strong roots in the process management space. It only further speaks to the power and significance of Signavio’s offerings in the enterprise market.” 

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About Signavio: 
Signavio is a leading provider of business transformation solutions through web-based process and decision management tools. As a cloud-based tool, the program can be easily accessed using any networked computer through a web portal across machines, geographies, and platforms. Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite optimizes processes for long-term business success and offers a smarter way to continuously translate between strategy and execution.