Jellyvision Just Hit A Triple With Its New Tech Hires (This Is Relevant Because Baseball)

May 01, 2018

Three leaders join Jellyvison’s growing tech team

CHICAGO – May 1, 2018 – Jellyvision, maker of ALEX® (the interactive benefits communication software), is excited to welcome three new leaders to the Jellyvision tech team: Josh Horvath, Badri Rajagopalan and Jordan Buller. Together, they’ll drive the strategy and development of Jellyvision’s technology and benefits communication software, improving DevOps, data science, and data privacy.

“To do what we do best – help educate employees about their benefits – and to manage our growth, we have to constantly improve our technology,” said Amanda Lannert, CEO at Jellyvision. “We must continually evolve and improve our teams. And that’s why we’re welcoming these three smart, talented and all-around great people to Jellyvision.”

More than 1,000 companies – including 106 of the Fortune 500 – use ALEX to help their employees make better decisions about health insurance, retirement savings, and taking leaves of absence. Jellyvision’s technology team, the brain-power and coding-machines behind ALEX, is made up of around 100 programmers, developers, and computer and software engineers.

Meet the new Jellyvision tech trio:

Jordan Buller, VP of Engineering – Before coming to Jellyvision, Jordan co-founded and served as the CTO of Perfect Audience, an advertising technology startup and as Executive in Residence at Ringleader Ventures. His chief responsibility at Jellyvison will include big-picture technology strategy and execution across the company. He will also lead the entire engineering team in building Jellyvision’s suite of employee communication products and tools, including QA, Infrastructure, and IT. No relation to Ferris.

Badri Rajagopalan, Director of Technical Operations – Previously, Badri was the Senior Manager of Software and DevOps Engineering at Capital One. Before that, he was the Director of Application Services at Illinois State University. He will oversee the vision and direction of Jellyvision’s technology, orchestrating the delivery and integration of software and IT services. Ask him how many t-shirts he owns that reference droids.

Josh Horvath, Director of Product Engineering – Most recently, Josh was the Director of Engineering at the app development company ORA Interactive. This was after a stint at Enova, where he worked on their legacy product. At Jellyvision, he will direct and lead the company’s three engineering teams, overseeing all processes, hiring practices, and development lifecycles across the department. He would like you to know that Director of Product Engineering can be abbreviated as DOPE.

“I love building organizations and teams where people can come and do the best work of their careers, and I’m stoked to do that at Jellyvision,” said Buller. “My goal is for Jellyvision to not only be the best place to work on technology in Chicago, but also a place where anyone can grow their career - from junior QA analysts learning the ropes to senior engineers working on mind-bending problems that ultimately help millions of people.”

About Jellyvision

Jellyvision is an award-winning technology company whose interactive software talks people through important, complex, and potentially snooze-inducing life decisions – like choosing a healthcare insurance plan, saving for retirement or navigating a leave of absence – in simple, fun, and engaging ways. Our recipe: behavioral science, purposeful humor, mighty tech, and oregano.

Our SaaS employee communication platform ALEX is used by more than 1,000 companies with more than 17 million employees in total – including 106 of the Fortune 500 and one-third of the country's 25 largest companies. ALEX helps employees at these companies, whose health insurance premiums total more than $110 billion, make better decisions about their insurance plan options, 401(k) allocations, and financial wellness.”