ReBoot Accel Names Phoenix5 Founder Dana Shaw-Arimoto as Advisor

Posted Mar 19, 2018

Half Moon Bay, CA – Phoenix5 is proud to announce its Founder and CEO Dana Shaw-Arimoto has been named to the Advisory team of ReBoot Accel, a career accelerator for women. Dana will be advising the company on talent placement strategy, methods, and best practices, as well as confidence building tools, tips, and techniques for women returning to the workplace.   


“I am honored and inspired to advise ReBoot Accel as they continue to provide a pathway for ‘returners’ to work with confidence, develop professional connections, and help them become current,” said Shaw-Arimoto. “ReBoot Accel understands both the workplace and the workforce, and the disconnects between the two. ReBoot is providing a critical infrastructure and support system to bridge these gaps, not only helping women re-enter the workforce, but providing businesses with exceptional, energized talent to fuel their companies. I’m thrilled to serve this organization, particularly at a time when women continue to be underrepresented in the workforce and re-entry barriers are as pervasive as ever.”


Shaw-Arimoto founded Phoenix5 after 24 years of leading and working on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, and nonprofits to build nimble, flexible, state-of-the-art workforces. She is an expert in the talent ecosystem, including the technologies and the workforce trends behind it. Shaw-Arimoto also specializes in helping companies and individuals define themselves, own boundaries, and create the time and space needed to live their whole, authentic life. As part of her advisory role with ReBoot Accel, Shaw-Arimoto will introduce the Phoenix5 Stop Settling® mindset, a method and ultimately movement created by Shaw-Arimoto to help individuals and companies organize and prioritize what is important to them in terms of career, family, friends, community, and giving back.


ReBoot Accel helps women get current, connected, and confident to return to the workforce or pursue new goals. The organization has served more than 1000 women in Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, and Los Angeles. The ReBoot Career Accelerator offers an intensive experience to get women ready for reinvention through hands-on learning of current tech, workplace, and career skills. Monthly membership program ReBoot Connect offers ongoing learning and community with like-minded women through seminars and workshops. Additional programs include the Reboot Talent Discovery Program, a corporate talent acquisition program, and Reboot Kickstart, an online training program.


About Phoenix5


Phoenix5 advises executives and teams on creating leadership through maximizing their individual strengths and workforce mix. Founder Dana Shaw created the Stop Settling® mindset, a method designed to help individuals and companies organize and prioritize what is important to them in terms of career, family, friends, community, and giving back. StrataGEM® helps organizations develop GoToMarket assessments, channel partnerships, advisory boards, M&A preparatory work, and market research, delivering an actionable and manageable roadmap to help companies reach their full potential. The Phoenix5 mission is to help leaders of all kinds experience the wildly positive impact of having it all by working holistically. Learn more at




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