Endpoint Systems To Help Companies Find the Best Talent with Google Jobs API Integration -- Systems integrator assists companies to take advantage of Google’s new job search engine

June 12, 2017

BOYTON BEACH FL (June 12, 2017) – Endpoint Systems, a systems integrator and developer of service and API software solutions, today announced it will offer services to help companies migrate and integrate their systems with Google’s recently unveiled Jobs API platform. 

Google announced in May that it will be launching a job search engine in the U.S. that will leverage Google’s existing technologies to offer users a new and easier way to find jobs via its popular Google Search function. U.S. job seekers typing job search queries into Google Search will see job postings that match their query. According to the 11th annual talent shortage survey by ManPower Group, 46% of US employers are facing difficulty finding talent to fill open positions. Partnering with established job search service providers including with LinkedIn, Facebook, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Glassdoor – Google’s new API will have a number of tools that allow job seekers to better refine their results, including filtering by commute time, title, category, and date among other features. Machine learning will help produce more relevant search results and hone in on how key job search terms and title clusters relate to each other.

Endpoint Systems has expanded its consulting and management services to help companies take advantage of Google’s powerful new platform. The systems integrator will help clients integrate their existing career sites, job boards, and applicant tracking systems with Google’s new API. With Deloitte estimating costs of $4,000 on average to fill an open position in a $200 billion recruiting industry, companies can ill afford not to take advantage of Google’s new Jobs API platform.

“For companies seeking the best talent, it is imperative to ready their systems and prepare for a successful integration with Google’s new platform,” said Lucas Vogel, owner of Endpoint Systems. “Our extensive experience in managing integration and modernization needs can ensure our clients get the most out of Google’s new Jobs API so that their positions are visible to and filled by the best talent on the market.”

For more information on Endpoint’s integration and consulting services visit http://endpointsystems.com/services/index.html

About Endpoint Systems

Endpoint Systems is a systems integrator, software products and services company dedicated to all things related to the endpoint - from web applications to APIs and cloud services - anything you can find at the end of a URL. Endpoint is an Oracle Gold partner and has partnered with Oracle to create Figaro, the embedded, native XML database for the Microsoft .NET Framework that provides real document storage for .NET developers.  For more information see  http://endpointsystems.com/index.html