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PollUp Solutions Inc. Product Launch

March 6, 2016


Contact: Kenyon Brown, CEO Phone: (641) 583-1774
Email: [email protected]

PollUp Solutions Inc. Product Launch

Ames, Iowa (March 6, 2017) - PollUp Solutions Inc. has launched their HR polling software today March 6, 2017. The product software allows businesses and organizations to release daily polls to employees through a mobile app. The poll responses are collected and formatted into detailed analytics.

The product features a single question polling technique designed to engage daily with employees and assess factors that contribute to organizational training, retainment, and culture. The customizable software features multiple templates, anonymous responses, and 24/7 customer support.

“After conducting thorough market research and connecting with industry leaders and influencers we’re proud to finally release our product. Industry studies show that only 32.5% of employees are engaged at work and we hope to change that by revolutionizing the way feedback is solicited in the workplace by encouraging businesses to ask their workplace one really good question a day” said Kenyon Brown, CEO.

For more information on the product launch or PollUp Solutions Inc. visit www.pollup.net or call (773) 312-4451.

About PollUp Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2016, PollUp Solutions Inc. is a human resource polling software company that is headquartered in Ames, Iowa. PollUp exists to create workplace environments where engagement and assessment come together by presenting businesses, organizations, and companies with the opportunity to ask the questions that matter, encourage transparent communication, and foster relationships among the people who know the company best. The organic perspective from the software data analytics promotes action that leads to long-term improvements in the workplace.