Milton Barbarosh - Financial Advisory Professional with a Difference

Posted Dec 12, 2016

Milton Barbarosh and the Stenton Leigh Group have an incredibly high success rate when it comes to providing financial advisory services.

Milton Barbarosh ( has been providing financial advice and guidance for several years. One of the most difficult things anyone ever has to face is financial challenges. Businesses faced with such major problem must seek the services of a professional with decades of experience in handling financial issues. Milton Barbarosh offers reliable and friendly service to those seeking financial help.

Many people must have heard of Milton Barbarosh but just a few knows what he’s capable of doing. Milton Barbarosh has all it takes to give his clients the absolute best financial advice they could possible get. He is the founder and president of the Stenton Leigh Group, Inc., a financial advisory company that has the capability of providing nothing but the great merchant banking service.  

When businesses go through money problems, it can be hard to find that financial advisory professional to trust. Milton Barbarosh has a passion for finance and goes a step further to do what’s right for his clients. Barbarosh is qualified to offer a wide range of services. Some of these services include principle investments and asset management; mergers and acquisitions; financial advising; and valuation services.

Over the years, he has recorded success dealing with several clients from individuals and business organizations. For anything related to financial issues, Milton Barbarosh has got you covered.

Milton Barbarosh ( and his team Stenton Leigh Group, based in Boca Raton Florida, has been providing financial advisory services for individuals and businesses for the past 25 years in mergers & acquisitions, financing, valuation and accounting. With many years of experience, Milton Barbarosh is the one you need to take care of all your financial issues.