2021 Report

Identity of HR report cover

The Identity of HR

Understand what keeps HR professionals up at night

Identity of HR report cover

The findings of the report uncover:

  • HR professionals’ sentiment on certifications and credentialing agencies
  • Outsourcing and vendor usage for the HR function
  • The top priorities and challenges for HR professionals
  • How HR professionals view they are valued by others at their organization

This report is the first of its kind and will deliver insights to those that want to better understand the state of the HR function today and the trends we are likely to see with HR professionals and their work tomorrow.

Today’s HR professionals have shifted from their traditional back-office roles to steward their organizations through some of the most challenging moments in recent times.

Whether it be enabling a remote workforce overnight, ensuring workplace safety during a global pandemic, or acting on calls for social justice, the HR function is more critical than ever to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives.

To better understand this crucial, yet often overlooked line of business, HR Dive’s The 2021 Identity of HR Survey presents a special report. This inaugural survey collected responses from more than 415 HR professionals across the U.S. and globe to drive the insights in this special report.

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What is keeping HR up at night?