Do you know what your employees really want from your organization?

It pays to find out what your employees want. But you may have to look beyond survey results to find out what really drives employee engagement.

The return on increased engagement is solid. A 2016 Gallup study shows that companies in the top quartile for employee engagement outperform their competitors in the lowest quartile in many categories, including:

  • 10% higher customer ratings,
  • 21% higher profitability,
  • 20% higher productivity,
  • 24%-59% lower turnover,
  • 41% lower absenteeism and
  • 40% fewer quality defects.

The list goes on. Learning what motivates your workforce is a necessary (and profitable) part of your business.

This white paper will help you:

  • understand and explore the importance of employee engagement and
  • provide actionable insights to drive employee retention and satisfaction.

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