The Growing Role of Video in the Workplace

Effectively onboarding and aligning talented employees is a major factor in the overall success of an organization. HR, Training, and Corporate Communications groups are finding video is the key to fueling high-performing teams as technology ushers in a new age of employee productivity and innovation


This guide shares why Human Resources and Learning professionals choose video as the ideal way to distribute timely, engaging messages throughout their organization, and also:

  1. Save time and resources. Video training programs onboard employees more effectively and pull managers out of instructional sessions. Video is far more engaging too. No more ignored manuals and powerpoints.
  2. Curb travel costs and communicate globally — faster. Executives use video communications to share vital messages, keeping employees on the same page.
  3. Share knowledge widely and consistently. Unlock each employee's expertise and keep company messaging consistent across the organization. No more games of telephone.