Top trends in corporate wellness

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"Wellness" took on new meaning amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, with employers racing to support workers through personal and professional disruptions.

Companies moved fitness benefits online and increased offerings around mental health but more was needed. Such offerings were "designed to address a set of wellness issues that were rooted in a pre-COVID environment," Visier Chief People Officer Paul Rubenstein told HR Dive. Instead of just moving the programs into a virtual environment, the question became, "how do we get people to engineer their work differently as a part of wellness?"

To that end, employers offered flexibility and tried to take a holistic view of employees' lives. The following stories explore these issues and more, including:

  • Wellness perk delivery amid a pandemic.
  • How the pandemic may reshape corporate wellness offerings long term.
  • Mental health as an emerging wellness trend.
  • The importance of employee financial wellness.

These are just a few of the many aspects of employee well being that employers are thinking about and developing programs around. We hope you enjoy this deep dive into the current trends.

Kate Tornone Lead Editor

Employee well-being slow to recover from pandemic, survey says

• Published May 27, 2021

What does the outcry over Amazon's mental health kiosks say about corporate wellness programs?

Internet ridicule of AmaZen took shots at the company's business practices, but it also may speak to problems employers face in evaluating their wellness efforts.

• Published June 16, 2021

Financial wellness programs are needed — here are 3 ways to get started

Employers are in an ideal position to provide solutions, and should, since they pay the price, too, write Daniel Bryant and Heather Garbers of HUB International.

• Published July 15, 2021

Rethinking employee wellness perks in the age of the coronavirus

With many working from home, traditional benefits must change to meet the new needs of workers, sources say.

• Published Aug. 20, 2020

Benefits, EAPs promote wellness amid mental health crisis, panelists say

The pandemic has blurred the boundaries between family, work and health, said one speaker at the 2020 Disability Management Employer Coalition Virtual Annual Conference.

• Published Aug. 17, 2020

On mental health, Hootsuite aims to put its money where its mouth is

Hootsuite has been on a journey with its mental health and DEI offerings over the past year, HR leader Tara Ataya told HR Dive.

• Published June 25, 2021

Mental health in the workplace: Flexibility is key in supporting female employees

Well-being will remain a priority as employers plan for a return to the office.

• Published Aug. 6, 2021

Fitness benefits moved online during COVID-19 — but will they stay there?

Companies largely haven't cut back on fitness classes, citing cultural and employee-health concerns as cause for continued investment, sources told HR Dive.

• Published Oct. 1, 2020

Top trends in corporate wellness

As the workforce evolves and multiple generations with different priorities move into the workplace, the definition of wellness gets broader and more holistic. Gone are the days when employee wellness programs meant offering incentives to stop smoking, eat well and take walking meetings. Today the definition includes everything from mental health and onsite health perks to financial wellness and retirement planning.

included in this trendline
  • How generational concerns are changing the landscape
  • Mental health as an emerging wellness trend
  • What the data says about wellness now, and in the future
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