What's ahead? A roundup of our 2017 predictions for HR

2017 is here. What's on the horizon?

First, take a look at our comprehensive look-back at the top HR stories of 2016, as many of them will continue to have ripples into the new year. The election of Donald Trump, changes in technology and shifting priorities of employees and employers will likely contribute to what's to come.

We've been keeping a close eye on trends set to affect the industry. Below is a compilation of the best pieces reflecting on those possible changes.


5 recruitment trends HR leaders are expecting in 2017

For an overview of what recruiters will be expecting in the coming year, this piece covers everything from coaching to diversity to social marketing.

"It's never too early to start planning 2017's recruitment strategy. In the coming year, the competition for skilled talent will continue to heat up, a new wave of college grads will be seeking career opportunities, and recruiters will be tasked with connecting to more quality candidates using the best technology and social marketing efforts available."

New Year's resolutions for recruitment pros in 2017

Recruiters in the right mindset will find great success in the coming year. What does that look like? An interview with Lauren Griffin, senior vice president with Adecco Staffing USA, reveals just what recruiters should be planning for, including candidate experience, mobile marketing strategies and the impact of the new administration.

After year of acquisitions, what does 2017 hold for job boards?

Industry giants Monster and LinkedIn were acquired this year, leading to speculation about the future of massive online job boards. Given what happened, many experts believe recruitment tech will continue to be more "human-centric" and more secure from cyberattacks.


11.8 million workers to see minimum wage increase in coming year

25 states and jurisdictions approved raises for 11.8 million U.S. workers this year. Pushes for increases to the minimum wage are likely to continue into the new year, but the future of an increased federal minimum wage is uncertain under a new administration.

How HR can face the most challenging compliance issues of 2017

XpertHR's annual survey reveals the potential struggles HR may face compliance-wise in the new year. Not surprisingly, the election ranks high on the list, as do employee leave and hunting for talent. Don't lose track of the overtime rule, which is now in limbo thanks to preliminary injunction.

Learning and development

4 learning and development trends for HR leaders to watch in 2017

Learning and its related technology continue to undergo an evolution. Micro-learning, virtual reality, gamification and mobile will all play a role in employee development in 2017.


4 benefits trends to watch in 2017

A compliance problem on its own, benefits could see change depending on how the new administration treats the Affordable Care Act. On top of that, employers are still struggling to keep healthcare costs down. Increases each year are decreasing or remaining steady, which is good news, but not tenable in the long term.

Why specialty pharmacy is the top driver of health costs right now

Speaking of keeping healthcare costs down, specialty pharmacy topped the list of medical trend drivers for the first time in the National Business Group on Health's annual survey of large employers. Cost awareness plays a big role, but as usual, it's more complex than that.

A new administration

What President Trump will mean for HR

Two pieces came out in the aftermath of Election 2016. The above focuses mainly on what is most likely to happen as well as outcomes of various state elections that could impact compliance.

HR observers weigh in on President-elect Trump

The second delves deeper into how HR leaders said they felt about the election and includes expert commentary on the future of the ACA, the overtime rule (now under preliminary injunction) and state wage increases.

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