Top trends in recruiting

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The recruiting process saw massive disruption last year as problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic necessitated creative solutions. Employers moved quickly, adopting virtual solutions, signing up for drive-through job fairs and more.

And as the pandemic dragged on, one thing became clear: many of those solutions came with unexpected benefits, meaning they may stick around for the forseeable future.

This report details those changes and more, including: 

  • Why employers may want to delay background checks

  • The promises of automated recruiting

  • The latest in benefits as a talent attraction tool

This does not exhaust the ins and outs of recruiting, but it highlights the most pressing issues and evolving trends. We hope you enjoy this in-depth look into recruiting.

Kate Tornone Lead Editor

How Zoom kept its cool while more than doubling its workforce

• Published Sept. 14, 2021

Leverage the moment: 3 ways HR can hire for diversity

During an MIT Sloan DEI summit, lecturer Malia Lazu discussed how HR pros can move from intention to impact.

• Published Sept. 28, 2021

Construction recruiters target young workers driving the great resignation

More and more workers are open to something new. The trouble is, few are likely to set their sights on construction.

• Published Oct. 15, 2021

The case for delaying background checks

Fair chance hiring goes beyond banning the box.

• Published Aug. 11, 2021

Recruiting automation, spurred by pandemic, targets later stages of hiring

Virtual recruiting will likely stay in place well after offices reopen, sources say.

• Published June 26, 2020

Manufacturers keep the lines running with drive-thru job fairs

• Published Oct. 7, 2020

How to make executive searches less exclusionary

Keep failing to hire diverse candidates? Executive coach Aiko Bethea and corporate entrepreneur Lucinda Duncalfe shed some light on the issue.

• Published Aug. 18, 2021

How COVID-19 has changed the recruiting tech stack

Some employers were forced to make a shift due to the pandemic, but many may end up keeping those changes for the long haul, experts said.

• Published May 14, 2020

Could employer-subsidized pet insurance be a talent lure?

With pet adoptions soaring during the pandemic and employers focusing on more holistic benefits, offering and even subsidizing pet insurance could set employers apart.

• Published June 10, 2021

Top trends in recruiting for a competitive talent market

In today's busy job market, a swift, productive recruiting process is crucial to attract and retain top talent. To differentiate themselves from other organizations, employers must reduce time-to-hire while also optimizing the candidate experience.

included in this trendline
  • Recruiting's holy grail: Improving both quantity and quality of applicants
  • Leverage employer branding to attract top intern talent
  • How to make diverse recruiting part of your company's DNA
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