Wal-Mart reduces OSHA claims by nearly half using bite-size mobile training content

Dive Brief:

  • A mobile game app helped Wal-Mart reduce OSHA-reportable injuries by nearly half in a 6 month period, Fortune reports. They train some 80,000 warehouse associates using short video lessons combined with brief assessments. 
  • It's estimated that companies spend around $1,004 per employee per year for training, based on Deloitte data from 2014, but companies like PayPal are reducing the costs and time of training by drastically shortening it and adopting non-traditional learning technologies. 
  • Derek Hann, CLO for PayPal, told Forbes that the company cut training costs by 25%, but also doubled the number of active learners. 

Dive Insight:

Learning and development teams are finally connecting the dots when it comes to providing valuable training content and meeting the short attention spans of most learners. This was predicted by Josh Bersin not too long ago. Mobile technology and social media have changed the way that adults take in new information, so it was only a matter of time before this would be seen as valid for workplace training.

It's clear by the Wal-Mart and PayPal cases that it's working. Most companies should be integrating micro-learning facilitated by mobile tech with their current learning platforms. 

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