Vibrating wristband functions as workplace stress reducer, mood enhancer

Dive Brief:

  • A wearable wristband called the doppel claims to keep employees alert and calm, reports ZDNet. The device has a motor that emits vibrations to the wearer. A heartbeat-like rhythm can be adjusted to encourage feeling calm or alert.
  • The doppel band is unlike wearables that track fitness and sleep patterns in appearance and function.  
  • The band's maker is a London-based startup firm of the same name. The company says in independent tests in a controlled setting, the band increased the wearer's focus and reduced stress.

Dive Insight:

A device that can reduce stress and keep employees engaged and productive on the job would go a long way towards lowering stress-related health costs. Many studies have identified controlling stress as a key factor in job performance and satisfaction.

If the Doppel band proves to keep employees alert for, say, meetings and calm for their overall health, employers might consider incorporating the wristband into wellness programs, along with fitness wearables.



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Top image credit: Doppel