Top tech companies offer 35% more in vitro fertility benefits than other industries

Dive Brief:

  • Tech companies are beating out their counterparts in other industries by providing invitro fertilization benefits to employees, reports TechRepublic. Tech companies offer about 35% more IVF benefits than most employers. Of the top 10 companies offering IVF benefit packages, six are tech companies: Intel, Apple, Spotify, Google, Wayfair and Facebook.
  • TechRepublic writes that, although the tech industry is criticized for not being as family-friendly as other industries and not hiring enough women, firms are heavily competing for engineering and other IT talent. IVF benefits are one way to attract talent, particularly women. Treatment per cycle is about $23,000, and patients must often undergo multiple treatments before fertilization occurs.  
  • Tech companies also are more inclusive with benefits than some other industries, says TechRepublic. Their IVF benefits cover gay couples, single mothers and employees in other categories seeking fertilization treatment.

Dive Insight:

Tech companies might not score high in recruiting and hiring women and people of color, but they should be commended for being out in front of other industries in offering IVF benefits.

The offering might be considered self-serving, since the bulk of workers in the industry are of child-bearing age, but the high cost of IVF treatment is undeniably an exceptional and attractive benefit. Employers across industries are beginning to realize the solid ROI offered by IVF and other fertility benefits. Expect more competitive family-friendly offerings as we enter 2017.


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