The employee value proposition matters now more than ever for recruiting

In an era where consumers hold all the power, corporate branding has taken on new meaning.

From career portals and job advertisements to displays at job fairs, every company needs to create a positive image that can attract high quality candidates. 

A recent Glassdoor survey indicated that companies that invest heavily in employer branding are three times as likely to secure quality hires. Additionally, when organizations focus on a strong candidate experience, hiring quality increases by as much as 70%. When it comes to appealing to female candidates, 39% say that the reputation or brand of a company is ‘very important’ to them. 

Clearly, there is a link between company brand and the candidate experience. Without one of these elements, organizations may fall short of their goals to attract the best job seekers. And in this candidate-driven market, companies cannot afford to miss their mark.

The value proposition

One of the fundamentals of recruitment branding has to do with the value proposition, a term that comes straight from the marketing world. No longer are recruiters merely sourcing people. They are marketing the company and it’s value to candidates. The kind of experience that is offered, through available jobs and corporate perks, speaks loudly to many candidates. 

How important is a brand to recruitment results?

LinkedIn Talent Solutions released data about the critical nature of branding and the value proposition. Small businesses with limited resources and one-person marketing departments often find this the most challenging. LinkedIn shows that:

  • 72% of global recruiting leaders agree employer brand has a strong impact on hiring results
  • The top 3 ways small businesses will extend their brand include a company website, online professional networks, and social media
  • 59% of recruitment leaders say they are investing more in the employer brand
  • A good employer brand speeds up hiring by 1 to 2 times, and results in a 50% cost savings
  • Candidates trust companies more when the corporate brand is authentic and believable

Improve the candidate experience

There are some time-tested marketing practices that tie well into the candidate experience. It can take some creativity, because it is about a different market than the consumer one, but the principles are the same. 

Use employee generated content

What better voice of the company to use than that of real employees? A great way to do this is to encourage employees to share their personal experiences on the company social media channels, through videos and articles. 

Keep marketing ‘human’

There is no room for complex marketing campaigns when it comes to recruitment. Your best people will be able to relate well to candidates who possess the right skills and attitude for your business. It’s about getting candidates engaged in your brand.

Understand your candidates

Making a connection with candidates happens when there is a deep understanding of their needs and goals. A corporate brand that addresses this is on the right track. 

When companies focus on candidates and their world, recruitment branding comes easier. Harness current employees, marketing concepts, and the smart use of marketing technology to deep an effect brand.

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