Tech firm DAQRI's augmented reality helmet key to learning, training

Dive Brief:

  • Tech firm DAQRI introduced an augmented reality helmet for use in the workplace at the Mobile World Congress, reports the Motley Fool.
  • Augmented reality is similar to virtual reality, in which the user is separated from reality through technology. But unlike VR, AR uses technology to keep the user in reality but with added virtual aspects to assist with certain tasks.
  • The helmet, which looks like a hard hat with a visor, is designed to help the wearer process data. The helmet's brains include an Intel Core m7 processor. The helmet has infrared and thermal imaging cameras.

Dive Insight:

DAQRI's AR helmet could be the next invaluable tool for employers and workers. The construction industry is an early adopter of helmets with smart glasses. VR proved to be a useful tool for users to get tasks done or for recreation. Expect widespread usage in workplace training across industries. 

The popularity of AR skyrocketed last year with Pokemon Go. Not surprisingly, people who are accustomed to using AR or even VR will be able to quickly grasp the concept and become proficient when using this kind of technology. Generally, this will mean the younger generations, and other digital natives.


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Top image credit: Omar Juarez - Daqri