Responsive leadership and quality work must go hand in hand

Dive Brief:

  • Leadership speed must be accompanied by quality in order to be effective, says Bravetta Hassell, contributing to Chief Learning Officer. A Zenger Folkman survey of 51,000 leaders found that when managers rated themselves as doing things right and doing things fast, they ended up being effective in their roles at least 96% of the time. 
  • Hassell points out that once quality reaches its peak, it can become consistent. Speed, however, can always be improved upon. When leaders can make decisions and respond quickly and accurately, they are perceived by others to be more effective as leaders. 
  • The three ways to avoid losing quality while being speedy as a leader include: having above average industry knowledge, being a powerful communicator and taking the initiative at all times.

Dive Insight:

One can see how easy it is for a leader to lose sight of quality when he or she is constantly pressed to react to certain organizational situations. There are those leaders who are more concerned with making snap decisions than understanding the impact they can have on the quality of results.

This is certainly true in the world of corporate learning, where knowledge must be quickly transferred to new hires. Sometimes the accuracy of learning suffers in the process of delivering learning content. When training future leaders, companies need to be mindful of instilling the value of quality so that things don't begin to slip in this area. 

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