Puzder's business violations could affect his labor secretary confirmation

Dive Brief:

  • Backlash against President-elect Donald Trump’s labor secretary nominee is based on a string of workplace violations at his companies, reports SHRM. Congressional Democrats openly and vigorously oppose the nomination of Andrew Puzder, CEO at CKE Restaurants, parent company of Hardee's and Carl's Jr. burger chains.
  • Investigations into Puzder’s corporation — stemming largely from lawsuits show charges for failing to provide meal and rest breaks; failure to pay overtime wages, vacation time and wages due terminated workers; and provide itemized wage statements on general managers. CKE restaurants also face charges for health and safety violations.
  • Democrat lawmakers want former aggrieved CKE employees to testify at Puzder’s confirmation hearing on Jan. 12.

Dive Insight:

Puzder is a long-time critic of the minimum wage. He reportedly favors replacing workers with robots. He’s been known to offer premium health plans to his highest paid workers and mini-medical plans to is lowest paid workers, claiming their enrollment in health plans is low.

He’s been a strong advocate for employers, while expressing disdain for worker protections. Former labor secretaries have looked out for workers’ well-being and enforced the laws designed to protect them. His critics don’t envision him treating workers fairly and upholding labor laws.

Congress might ultimately confirm Puzder, but not without what could be a solid fight against him.


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