Post-Monster sale, powerful recruitment technology emerges

It’s been said that, “necessity is the mother of invention”, and this generally comes about as a result of a shifting view of the world. Perhaps no other change came as a bigger surprise than the recent sale of one of the most prominent online job boards, Monster.com, to international staffing firm, Randstad.

The announcement rocked many in the recruitment sphere, but to others it was welcome news. There is a new generation of recruitment and performance management technology tools and apps that are designed to make life easier for future-minded HR pros – some of which are just getting started.

Something better on the horizon

Entrepreneurs have made fascinating new technologies that challenge old standbys in the recruitment space.

For example, EmployUs, founded by CEO Ryan O'Donnell, is a mobile application that’s already getting the attention of investors to the tune of $750,000. The concept addresses the growing talent shortage with an employee referral platform that helps match candidates with the right companies. Referring employees can get paid up to $10,000 in referral bonuses when a matching hire is made. 

Connecting candidates and companies with relationship building technology

ERE reports that a soft launch is planned for randrr, a career opportunities platform that helps candidates stand out based on their skills, and connects them with multiple job opportunities based on their unique qualities. Founded by Terry Terhark, who also founded TheRightThing that ADP swooped up, this app is designed to keep candidates in the loop about their status while building relationships with the companies they are targeting — an idea that's long been discussed in the recruitment market.

Performance gets plugged into recruitment apps

The Bersin by Deloitte report “HR Technology for 2016: 10 Big Disruptions Ahead predicted that companies would be looking for more agile performance management systems to replace antiquated yearly performance reviews. General Electric Co. is using a new smartphone app called [email protected] to rethink the way it manages employee performance, reports Bloomberg. The app allows employees to assess their colleagues in real time and the historical data is used to measure the performance of their 30,000 workers.

Making recruitment work better with video apps

Video recruitment has also made a serious dent in the market too, and there are new apps being launched all the time. ProSky is a newly founded performance-based hiring platform that evaluates candidates based on projects and challenges. Using both video chat and instant messaging, employers can coach candidates through the process and choose the best candidate for each role based on their unique skillsets.

These are just a few of the many examples of new technology that are emerging as older models are fading into history. The need for more mobile applications that attract today’s generation of job seekers is spurring much of this development. People want to be connected to career opportunities faster and they want to know what’s happening in the hiring process. When recruitment technology can accomplish this goal, it’s a winner in the market. 

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