People Analytics: What HR needs to know

Check out our 5 must-read stories on the buzzword that's taking over the industry.

Given the ever-increasing amount of blog posts, conference presentations and even pop culture references (Westworld, anyone?) about the inevitable rise of artificial intelligence and its impact on human work, it's no surprise that HR leaders have begun to ask questions about AI and the impact it will have on jobs.

To provide appropriate insight on this evolving human resources discipline, we've put together our top content on people analytics:

  1. 5 crucial questions on people analytics, answered

    We get it; you may have heard of People Analytics, but don't quite know how or why it's gaining traction. Our HR industry sources offer a basic FAQ. Read More >>

  2. Beyond the buzzwords: Top trends impacting people analytics

    Remember: Analytics is all about telling a story. Read More >>

  3. How to address a shortage of HR analytics talent

    Digital analysis talent is in high demand and short supply, so where do you start? Some organizations will need to determine whether the costs are worth it. Read More >>

  4. Partnering with HR: People analytics at EY

    Ernst & Young has been conducting an annual engagement survey for years. Thanks to the analytics team, that survey has taken on new relevance. Read More >>

  5. Creating a 'culture of data': How HR can use analytics in a meaningful way

    It's not just about cold, impersonal mathematics. Numbers can be used to build a robust, authentic workplace culture. Read More >>

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