Josh Bersin: Treat your employees as No. 1 stakeholders

Dive Brief:

  • According to the Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2017 report, Josh Bersin says that employers must put their employees first. Despite efforts to increase employee engagement, levels are still at their lowest in years. The report from this year shows that employees are more concerned with their overall experience. 
  • Survey respondents representing over 10,000 HR and business leaders in 140 countries place talent acquisition as the 3rd most important issue, but only 15% indicated their companies do a great job of fostering talent by building relationships. Executive diversity and inclusion has jumped by 53% in the last two years.
  • Employee development and learning is taking center stage as 70% of companies are redesigning their career management strategies and another 45% see learning as urgent matters.


Dive Insight:                                                                                     

The workplace is changing from simply being a place to earn a living to one where employers help employees grow in their careers, strive for authenticity, and embrace diversity. Companies can leverage these factors by creating personalized learning plans for employees, starting from the time they are recruited and carrying them through specific pathways to leadership.

This action can support better engagement levels, performance, and loyalty to the organization, which are three problems plaguing organizations.

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