HR should strategize before adopting IoT, AR tech

Dive Brief:

  • While new technology like augmented reality and IoT smart devices are vastly changing the way people work and interact with each other, the majority of information technology professionals believe these devices may not be worth the security risks they pose to organizations, Aliah D. Wright writes for SHRM.

  • An international study conducted by ISACA, a global business and cyber security organization, called the IT Risk/Reward Barometer, indicates that 67% of IT professionals aren't sure whether AR is worth the risk in workplaces.

  • While AR and social media need to have clear HR policies and monitoring, they do present an opportunity for HR and IT pros to work together to train employees how to use new tech safely, according to ISACA board director Rob Clyde, cited by SHRM.

Dive Insight:

The Internet of Things or IoT presents a new paradigm for doing business in the modern world; this is the opportune time for organizational leaders to create policies and employee training modules that teach not only the value of technology, but also the inherent risks it poses.

Employees seem to be just fine adapting to new technology, so one way to approach this may be to form a task force that brings together IT, HR and other key players to discuss how, why and when new technology is being used. This collaboration can then form the basis for training content on the safe and responsible use of new tech, in addition to the support of staffing efforts to bring much-needed cybersecurity experts on board. 

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