How the right LMS can impact employee engagement

Dive Brief:

  • RK Prasad, founder and CEO of CommLab in India, writes for Customer Think about the critical factors that need to be in place when choosing a learning vendor to handle an international team of employees. While there are certain requirements that need to be in place, having the ability to engage learners is the most important aspect of choosing an LMS vendor. 
  • Engaging employees from diverse backgrounds is best handled when the learning content is delivered in the native language of learners. Prasad advises that online training improves quality and consistency, using a language that is comfortable for learners. 
  • Viewing training as a two-way supportive environment can maintain higher levels of employee engagement. The key to employee engagement is creating learning that has purpose and value to learners, says Prasad. 

Dive Insight:

Corporate learning is much more than just delivering the same dull content in one language over and over again, expecting employees to get excited about it. Instead, the content must be customized to meet the learner where he or she is, by honoring the diversity in all employees.

This is where choosing the right vendor to handle an international employee population is critical, and all companies should be mindful of this if they plan to expand in the future too. Some LMS have the ability to translate content, which may work in the interim, but not for the long term. Language learning as a core career development path may also be a positive way to bring international teams together, so that all can collaborate in the learning experience. 

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