GE sets its sights on recruiting Boston high school grads

Dive Brief:

  • Julie Cook Ramirez reports that not that long ago, the Bureau of Labor Statistics was predicting that the number of STEM jobs would increase to more than 9 million jobs by the year 2022.
  • As the New York Academy of Sciences whitepaper The Global STEM Paradox advises, recruiters will find it difficult to find enough candidates for 75% of jobs by 2018. 
  • General Electric Co. saw the writing on the wall, therefore established the first ever Brilliant Career Lab in partnership with Boston Public Schools. This $25 million investment is part of a move to the area, with the goal of preparing the next generation of students for work in STEM careers at GE. 

Dive Insight:

Companies that have the means to invest in the public school systems seem to have a clear advantage. There are many cities where large companies can partner with educational centers to produce the next generation of skilled employees. While they focus on this, they can also be investing in current employees who have the potential to lead this generation.

Research shows that on-demand learning works well for this effort. GE's investment looks to set the company up for long term success as it moves into the busy Boston landscape, and the students who partake of the training program are among the luckier ones who have great careers ahead of them.                                                                                          

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