Avoid hiring 'cookie cutter' candidates, expert says

Dive Brief:

  • Don't hire a candidate who has done nearly the exact same job you are hiring for, warns Liz Ryan at Forbes. She advises that these are the kind of candidates who, "roll out the same dough they've done before once they get inside your company walls." This is the sign of someone who is stuck in a career rut. 
  • Ryan points out some of the signs that you may be dealing with a cookie cutter type candidate during an interview. Not asking any questions, for example. The biggest trait is that the candidate doesn't deviate much from his or her approach, systems, or way of doing things. 
  • Instead of hiring the same type of candidate, recruit a candidate who demonstrates a strong interest in your industry, who understands the challenges your company faces, and comes up with new questions during the interview that shows they are thoughtful. Hire someone who is creative, fun, and friendly, as well as a candidate who is confident enough to share new ideas and opinions. 

Dive Insight:

It can be tempting to just fill job openings with candidates who fit certain standard criteria or have proven experience conducting tasks, but it's more beneficial to an organization to hire people who are on fire in their careers. These are the candidates who passionately engage in sharing new and creative ideas, have a keen understanding of the industry, and are willing to go the extra mile to make things better.

Recruitment should be geared towards greater diversity, not monotony. More experts are speaking out about hiring for character, not experience. While some experience is valuable, it's maybe not the primary reason to hire candidates if the organization hopes to move forward, instead of remaining stuck in time. 

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