AI places third in a recruitment sourcing competition

Dive Brief:

  • A recent competition between human recruitment pros and Brilent’s AI-based talent recruitment software resulted in the machine placing 3rd place out of 8. This competition took place in March at the 2017 Sourcecon event, co-sponsored by Randstad. 
  • During the competition, which included the best recruiters in the industry, Brilent took just 3.2 seconds to research and deliver results while the humans spent 4 to 25 hours researching theirs. 
  • Garry Ma, CEO of Brilent Inc. told IT Chronicles, "I am very excited about the results of this competition because it shows that AI can help employers by increasing their speed of hiring talent."

Dive Insight:

Artificial intelligence is responsible for a number of fascinating developments in the tech space, but before long, it will likely become the right-hand-bot for recruiters nationwide. As seen in the contest, AI's ability to streamline data-intensive processes can give recruiters the time to do what they do best: connect at the personal level with candidates. 

Areas that AI can apply include increasing the contact between ATS and candidates, conducting screenings and assessments and assisting recruiters with selecting candidates based on certain characteristics. In the future, HR and AI are likely to be good friends — especially since it's near impossible to automate certain aspects of the recruiter's function.

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