73% of HR professionals tie culture to employee, brand engagement

Dive Brief:

  • The results from a survey by CultureIQ with found that 73% of respondents believe a great corporate culture gives their organizations a competitive edge, resulting in higher employee engagement and a stronger brand.
  • The survey also found that slightly over half of the respondents (52%) cited management buy-in, or the lack thereof, as the biggest barrier to strengthening culture. Forty percent of executive respondents rated their own culture as "above average."
  • Respondents said the top two reasons for not managing culture were a lack of involvement by senior management and insufficient resources.

Dive Insight:

Leadership buy-in is necessary for the success of any initiative, especially cultural improvement. Employee and brand engagement are more likely to follow when company leaders show support.

CultureIQ rightfully points out that employees need their companies to believe in them. Worker should feel comfortable enough to connect with both colleagues and the community at-large.

Employers might find CultureIQ’s basis for creating a positive culture helpful in building their own. Key elements listed include support, mission and value alignment, innovation, performance focus, agility, wellness, responsibility, collaboration and communication.

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