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Best Wordpress Hosting For Beginners & How To Get Discount On Web Hosting In 2019

Posted April 6

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If you are a beginner in the blogging field and don't know which is the best web hosting to use for your blog. then don't worry, I have mentioned one of the best web hosting for you and will also tell you how you can get the discount coupon for WPX Hosting to get a great discount deal.

Problem beginners face while choosing a web hosting

Most of the beginners don't know in detail about the web hosting and they buy whichever the cheapest web hosting they find.  After purchasing they get to know what mistake they have done by choosing the cheap web hosting.

Most of the cheap web hosting offers shared hosting which means you will be sharing your server with other users and this affects the performance speed of the blog. most of the time your blog would be down and no one will be able to see your blog so this will never get you success.

Best web hosting benefits

there are a lot of benefits of the best web hosting as the best web hosting will have the super fast servers which increase the blog performance and you will never have to check for the website if it is down. Your blog will be all time available for your users so they can easily access your blog.

the best web hosting reduces the blog's load time which is the time that your blog takes to load. If you are having a blog which loads slowly will get you negative effects on the user and they will never come back to your website ever again. So to make them your permanent uses you will need to provide the fastest blog which can be loaded in 1 second. This load time will increase the user experience and the user will become regular visitors of the blog.

the main factor which affects the ranking of any blog is its speed because google sees which website has the more bounce rate or conversion rate from which it decides which website is doing good. So if your blog load time is more than 5 seconds then you will be struggling for ranking in the Google's search result on the other hand if your blog loads in below 1 second then you will be quickly ranked in the search results.

So now you know what are the benefits of having the best web hosting. there are other various benefits of web hosting which are security, quick processing, easy management, fast problem-solving support, value for money features.

Best web hosting provider

WPX hosting is the best web hosting according to the popular review blogs. WPX hosting is in the market for many years. It has been providing amazing premium features to its users and has maintained them. Once you will use the WPX hosting then its never going back.

WPX hosting offers advanced features which are more than its price. the package of web hosting is very affordable mean even a beginner can easily get his/her hand on the service.

Now let's see the offering of WPX hosting

3x speed servers

WPX hosting has a 3x  speed server which will increase the performance of the blog by the 3x speed. After using WPX hosting your blog will never be the same as the old. It will become a lot faster and will never go down.

24/7 customer support

WPX hosting has knowledgeable customer support who are always ready to help you if you have stuck in any situation. They solve all kind of problem easily as they have all the knowledge of web hosting. WPX hosting gives you different options to connect with the support team whichever you find comfortable. You can also chat with them from the live chat feature which is present on the official website. you will get the reply within minutes and will never make your wait like in other support.

DDoS protection

WPX hosting is very concern about the safety of your data that is why WPX hosting has DDoS protection which will defend the servers from DDoS attack.  you will not have to worry about the protection of the WPX Hosting because they have all got it covered.

Unlimited SSL

WPX hosting gives you the chance of saving some money on the SSL certificates as they are expensive. In all the package you will get unlimited SSL certificate so that you don't have to buy from others and can save your money. SSL certificates are very important for any website as it shows that your website is secure to surf which will get the users trust.

Unlimited migration

You must have migrated your existing website by paying some fee to shift it from old servers to new but in WPX hosting you will get unlimited migration means you can move your website free of cost. The process is simple you just have to tell the team to move it and then they will start moving your website.

30 days money back guarantee

You will get the chance of getting all your money back if you are not happy with the WPX hosting services. you can cancel the plan within 30 days of purchase. This is a good option to check if the service is enough for your website's requirements.

WPX hosting discount coupon

You can get a great discount deal from the discount coupon. The coupon is available here. You can go and get the coupon code and then can redeem to get a discount on the purchase of WPX Hosting.


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