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What Is Web Hosting Affiliate Program & How To Earn More Money With Their Affiliate Programs?

Full Time • Posted March 19

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Web hosting affiliate program is the best way to earn money online. Before I describe you about web hosting affiliate, let me tell you the process of an affiliate if you don't know.

Affiliate marketing is the type of digital marketing In which you have to sell other products and services, and you can get paid the commission on the basis of sales.

In web hosting affiliate programs you have to create affiliate accounts, and you need to sell their services to the clients and the sales from your referring link will be added to your affiliate , and you will be able to withdraw your income easily.

It is one of the most easiest ways to earn money online. According to my perception and experiences, I've used many ways to earn money online, but this is one of the best ways to earn money online easily.

There are many web hosts who are providing web hosting affiliate programs, but two of them are great as per my point of view, Let's discuss them and their affiliate program.

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

If you create affiliate account on WPX Hosting you can earn up to $100 Commission Per Referral (If you refer any client to WPX Hosting and upon purchase, from your referring link you'll able to earn $100, which is great income).

Your commission upon the signup will be transferred to your account within 35 days which is not a long payment frequency.

If you have any questions in your mind and you want to ask them by chat, then you can access to your affiliate manager anytime from Monday to Friday. He/She will answer you all questions via Skype. You can get assistance on skype regarding your affiliate program.

Affiliate dashboard is multi-functional which will be provided to you through which you can view your affiliate clients and earnings. Thrive Themes isn't a small brand even it recommends you to choose WPX affiliate program through which we can imagine the reputation of their services.

You'll be provided unlimited free encrypted SSL certificates through which you can make your website a secure connection. Site migration or transfer will be offered to you with free of cost.

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways Promo Code is another amazing web hosting service which is offering amazing affiliate programs through which you can make money easily. You'll be offered with two amazing affiliate plans.

Let me put light on Cloudways affiliate plans

Slab Plan of Cloudways Affiliate Program;

In slab plan, you can earn commissions on the basis of referrals you get each and every month.

The Things You'll get in slab plan of Cloudways affiliate program;

  • You can payout your commission on your local bank account; there isn't any limitation or restriction on the payout. You can get the reward of your affiliate hard work with ease.

  • You can move to another plan easily; If you are currently using slab plan and you want to switch to hybrid so, you are allowed to switch.

  • If you cross your $250 threshold, you'll be able to payout your income every month.

  • This is the best  plan for those who refer customers consistently, and they will get many services and products for free including SSL, Hosting and others.

Commission You'll get in slab plan of Cloudways affiliate program;

  • If you sale plan to 1-5 persons every month you will be able to earn up to $50 each sale.

  • If you sale plan to 6-20 persons every month you will be able to earn up to $75 each sale.

  • If you sale plan to 21-45 persons every month you will be able to earn up to $100 each sale.

  • If you sale plan to 46-80 persons every month you will be able to earn up to $125 each sale.

Hybrid Plan of Cloudways Affiliate Program;

Hybrid plan is another amazing affiliate program plan through which you can earn a handsome income. In hybrid affiliate plan of cloudways, you can earn amazing commissions each month if you refer user consistently.

Commission You'll get in the hybrid plan of Cloudways affiliate program;

You can earn $30 on each sale; you'll get additionally 7% commission for entire life.

You can payout your income easily after crossing 250$ threshold you will be able to get your income each month.


If you have better command on your social media marketing, then I'll recommend you to choose the web hosting affiliate program to run your household. It doesn't take much effort and investment. You can earn up to millions for lifetime. If you refer users to the web host.

If you want to do affiliate marketing, then I'll recommend you to make a WordPress blog and start affiliate marketing and get paid on each sale. You can use Youtube monetization to get visitors on your blog. You can run campaigns on your social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

You don't need to invest or buy anything, just create the account on affiliate programs and grab customers and get  paid.

I've adapted all digital marketing ways through which I earn handsome amount, but this is the best way to earn a handsome income. WPX Hosting and Cloudways affiliate programs are reliable and best ways to generate huge revenue with ease.

There are many web hosting affiliate programs but WPX Hosting Affiliate Program and Cloudways Affiliate Pogram is authentic and profitable


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