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Is Payoneer Better to Sign Up for & Earn Free 25$ Bonus?

Posted Jan. 31

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Today we will be talking on the financial company Payoneer and will see if is it better to sign up for Payoneer account and how to earn free Payoneer 25$ bonus. So stick till the end if you want free 25$ just by creating a free Payoneer account.

Freelance work is now the trending work opportunity for everyone doesn't matter working from home or from anywhere. In a freelance career, you get the orders from different countries. Sounds great right! But when it comes to the payment procedure it becomes very stressful to send and receive your money from different countries.

If you are on this page then 100% you are looking for a better way to get your payments or to send payments to your freelancers. So let me stress-free you from this big problem.

You must be using PayPal for all your transactions. No doubt it is a great company to send and receive money and is widely used by freelancers, market peoples and also for the normal transaction. But after some time you will get to realize that most of your payment is charged and after that, you are left with a small amount. This is a big problem for small bloggers, freelancers etc. As they don't earn big amounts in starting of there career so you start to find a better alternative to send and receive your payments.

Payoneer company is the best alternative for the purpose of sending and receiving payments from international clients. Now we will see how it is better to signup for Payoneer account? before jumping directly to the conclusion first we need to have a better knowledge of Payoneer and what features make it the best alternative online payment company.

About Payoneer company

Payoneer was formed in the year 2005.  From year to year Payoneer company have become the topmost companies for facilitating online money transactions. The goal of Payoneer was to make sending and receiving money from different companies very easy and fast. Payoneer forms a gateway for sending and receiving money from all over the world. The company is focused on make it as fast as possible for money transfer in seconds. There are also some great features which make it the most convenient and preferable method for money transferring.

Payoneer company offers you different ways to withdraw your money which is you can get your money into your bank account, can load the money from wallet into the Payoneer MasterCard to use it to withdraw from local ATMs or to do online shopping. There are other best and unique features which clear the doubt on if it is better for signup.

Now we all know about the Payoneer company then it is time to talk about what are the features the company is providing which makes it stand out from other companies.

1. free Payoneer account

You don't have to pay any amount to create a Payoneer account which will work as a digital bank account. the account is completely free of cost and is very simple to signup for an account.

The account usually gets approved in just 24 hours and may take some time if any kind of problem appears in your account details verification.  The verification process is very simple and automatic. You just have to upload the proof of identity of yours and then they will start the verification process.

2. quick money transfer

Talking about other payment companies when you request for the withdrawal then you have to wait for at least 3-4 day for getting your money in your bank account. this is a big problem for beginners but Payoneer got you covered as the money withdrawal process is very fast and smooth in it. You will get your money within 2-4 hours and may take longer time if any problem arrives. But the minimum time is 2 hours and now they are working on it to make it even faster.

3. physical prepaid MasterCard

You can get a physical prepaid MasterCard in Payoneer account. the benefits of having a Payoneer MasterCard is that it gives you the freedom to spend the Payoneer money with the help of MasterCard. You can make a purchase from the card or can withdraw money from the local ATMs doesn’t matter in which country you are just like an ordinary bank debit card. This makes it even more simple to use the Payoneer money.

4.  get a free 25$ signup bonus

This offer you will not get in other companies when you create a new account but here you get a 25$ sign up bonus. Very amazing right.  You will get the sign up bonus as you create and verify your Payoneer account successfully. To do this make sure you fill all the mandatory fields with correct information and your account get successful approval.

To get your sign up bonus there is one condition you need to satisfy before you can get your reward. The condition is that you must have received at least 1000$ in your new Payoneer account then once the condition is get satisfied. You will get your 25$ bonus reward in your account.

In conclusion. I think that Payoneer is one of the best choices to receive and send payments to your clients and employees or to receive from major companies. The best feature of Payoneer which makes it the best is that you don't have to wait for days to get your money in your bank account.

it also becomes the best way to earn money also as it runs an affiliate program which allows you to promote Payoneer and in every successful signup you will get your fixed commission. This is the best method to earn a passive income without doing much more and can be done for a few hours every day.

So here was the article on is Payoneer is better for signup and how we can earn money from it.


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